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On DVD January 17, 2006

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BURBANK, Calif., August 31, 2005 – Presenting WALT DISNEY’S FUNNY FACTORY, two new volumes of classic animated entertainment with two of Disney’s greatest characters,
Mickey and Donald. Here are wonderful collections of fun-filled tales that have made Mickey and Donald beloved the world over.

Volume One: Walt Disney’s Funny Factory With Mickey
This superb volume features some of Mickey’s best animated short subjects. Fans will find many of Mickey Mouse’s most hilarious and heartwarming performances in “Mickey and the Seal,” “Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip,” “Moose Hunters,” “Mickey’s Parrot,” “The Pointer,” “Magician Mickey,” “Tugboat Mickey,” and “R’coon Dawg.”

Volume Two: Walt Disney’s Funny Factory With Donald
Come discover some of the funniest performances of that feisty, temperamental, totally lovable duck, Donald! This volume features the hilarious shorts “Canvas Back Duck,” “Donald’s Cousin Gus,” “Daddy Duck,” “Window Cleaners,” “Self Control,” “Contrary Condor,” and “Donald’s Golf Game.”

These forever entertaining, fast-paced comedy romps are each available for $14.99 (SRP) on Disney DVD from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.


Mickey And The Seal
Mickey takes a bubble bath, not knowing that a fun-loving seal has taken up residence in the bathtub. After a comical episode in the tub, Mickey gets the seal back to the zoo, but when he returns home, he finds his bathtub is full of seals.

Mr. Mouse Takes A Trip
Mickey takes a vacation by train, but Pete, the conductor, won’t let Pluto ride the train. Mickey has to do some fancy disguise work to take Pluto with him.

Moose Hunters
Mickey, Donald and Goofy go hunting for moose. Donald and Goofy get the bright idea of dressing up as a female moose to nab their prey. The plan hilariously backfires and soon all three big-game hunters are running for their lives.

Mickey’s Parrot
Mickey and Pluto overhear a radio broadcast about an escaped, dangerous criminal. When the two hear a voice that they think belongs to the criminal, they get more and more nervous. The voice turns out to be Mickey’s pet parrot, to the relief of everyone.

The Pointer
Mickey tries to train Pluto to be a hunting dog when they go looking for quail. Instead, they run into a very large bear, and soon they’re on the run themselves. Instead of quail, Mickey and Pluto settle for a can of beans.

Magician Mickey
Donald tries to heckle Mickey during a magic act, but his antics backfire. Not giving up, Donald finds a way to stir the audience up before the final curtain.

Tugboat Mickey
Captain Mickey issues orders to shipmates Donald and Goofy to respond to an SOS. Donald and Goofy find a way to comically bungle the rescue operation, of course. Eventually they sink their own ship - just in time to find out that the “SOS” was really a radio show.

R’Coon Dawg
Mickey, sporting a Davy Crockett-style raccoon hat, goes hunting with Pluto. When they corner a potential hunting target, the wily animal convinces Mickey that his raccoon hat is really its baby. Mickey and Pluto apologize and leave quietly, as the ‘baby’ waves goodbye.

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Canvas Back Duck
At a carnival, Donald takes tests of strength in order to impress his nephews. When a scrawny kid challenges Donald to beat his dad, Donald immediately agrees. Then he sees the dad, a hulking Peewee Pete. Donald reluctantly steps into the ring, but finds a funny way to win the match.

Donald’s Cousin Gus
Donald’s goose cousin, Gus, comes to visit and practically eats Donald out of house and home. A frustrated Donald tries everything he can think of to get rid of his over-eating relative.

Daddy Duck
Donald gets stuck taking care of a kangaroo. When he teaches the kangaroo not to be afraid of a bear rug, Donald proceeds to get swallowed by the bear and must be rescued by the kangaroo.

Window Cleaners
Donald and Pluto comically mishandle washing the windows of a very tall building. When Donald goads a high-flying bee, the job goes from bad to hysterically awful.

Self Control
Donald tries to get his legendary temper under control through the advice of a radio therapist named Uncle Smiley. Donald tries to take a soothing rest to relax, but a woodpecker, an uncooperative hammock and more obstacles make sure that Donald stays as quick-tempered as ever.

Contrary Condor
Donald, climbing in the Andes, finds a condor nest and pockets an egg. The mother condor returns and thinks Donald is one of her own. She tries to teach him how to fly, with uproariously disastrous results. To straighten things out, Donald returns the egg.

Donald’s Golf Game
Donald shows off his golf game to his nephews, but his nephews are more interested in making Donald look bad. Trick clubs and a grasshopper inside a golf ball are only some of the funny ways that the nephews sabotage Donald’s game.

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STREET DATE: January 17, 2006
Direct prebook: November 22, 2005
Distributor prebook: December 6, 2005
Suggested retail price: $14.99 for each volume.
Rated: “Not rated”
Run Time: Walt Disney’s Funny Factory With Mickey: Approximately 61 minutes.
Walt Disney’s Funny Factory With Donald: Approximately 54 minutes.
DVD aspect ratio: Each volume: 1.33:1 formatted 4x3
DVD Sound: Dolby® Digital Surround Sound
Language: English audio, French audio

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Some information in this press release adapted from Disney A-Z by Dave Smith, Hyperion Press.

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