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17. Bambi (1942)

"Bambi is at once both beautiful and haunting; hilarious and heartbreaking. The film's power lies in its ability to evoke fears in us. Some of our deepest fears are realized through the animals, and the villian in terrifying, especially when you realize it's us. Bambi is an excellent film that played a key role in creating the much lauded and marauded "Disney formula.""

"I first saw Bambi when I was five during one of its theatrical re-releases. Twenty-five years later, I still find it powerful and moving. Cute characters abound to be sure, but moments of drama and the underlying premise of "Man" being out-of-sync with nature (the "Forest") prove this is not merely a fluff kids movie."

"Bambi is a unque film. Told from the point of view of the young deer, it shows us how he grows, learns, looses his mother, makes friends, and finds love. To top it off, the story's told with no violence what so ever. No other animated film has shown this loss of innocense transition from youth to adult in a better way than Walt showed us in Bambi."

"A picture is worth a thousand words and Bambi is a perfect example of this. The breathtaking scenery, the noble animation and stunning colours bring the forest, Bambi and his world to life. It is a simple story with a simple message which intertwines love, tragedy, the balance of nature, and the circle of life."

"Bambi, like Dumbo, does so much with so little; it's barely over an hour long, and only about 800 words are spoken. Though it has a reputation for its cute baby animal antics, it is one of the darkest and most mature animated films Disney has produced. The tale of a life of a deer is so simply told, and so universally appealing, it's no wonder this film has become not only essential Disney canon, but an icon of film in general."


2-Disc Platinum Edition DVD (March 2005)
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