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16. Fantasia (1940)

"Hippos dancing, Mickey apprenticing, and the dead resurrecting. These were the images forever etched into my memory when seeing Fantasia at age 3. Never has film blended animation with music so superbly as to catch a child's imagination without a single line of dialogue ever being spoken."

"For me, it's the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" - the whole "feel" draws you in to the music. From the dark feel of Yensid's dungeon to the huge splashes of water, the animators created an experience that perfectly matches the music and puts you in the middle of the action. It's not just a movie - for me it's an experience and I think that's what Walt wanted."

"Not everybody remembers the first time they saw a Disney film, and I can't say I do either. For some reason, though, Fantasia sticks in my head as my earliest Disney memory. Whether it was dancing mushrooms, marching broomsticks, or fiery mountain tops, there is something intense about Fantasia that you just can’t shake from your head. Like a good song, the images stay in your head, playing out over and over. It is that sense of familiar that will always keep people coming back to the idea of Fantasia – in 1940, 2000 or beyond…"

"The thing that is so wonderful about Fantasia for me, is that it is a film that thrives on emotion, not story. There is an unexplainable feel that I get from each segment of beautiful animation harmonizing with glorious musical symphony. And although it isn't a linear film, it still takes me on an arc from beginning to end that is extremely satisfying. If there was one film I would label as Walt's masterpiece, I'd have to choose Fantasia."


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