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18. Dumbo (1941)

"A triumph of simplicity. Like Bambi, a tale of very human emotion given heightened intelligence, humor, and emotion by a talented group of artists and entertainers who sealed the Disney legacy of first and foremost being STORYTELLERS. Every animation writer should reference this film for how to communicate their story."

"One of the reasons I chose Dumbo as one of Disney's best is that it was my mother's favorite. No matter how many times I watched it with her growing up, she would always have the same reaction of tears in her eyes when "Baby Mine" came on. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 46. After months of treatment, and the cancer continuing to spread she didn't have long to live. She decided to stay at home with her family for her last days. On the night before she died, she couldn't respond to anything, but i still I said goodbye, that I loved her, and played "Baby Mine" on the CD player. I hope she's humming that tune right now."

"Dumbo portrayed a wider range of character emotions than had ever been included in an animated movie prior. To say this movie tugged on my heart strings would be an understatement. From the emotional loss of a parent and dealing with being different to believing in a friend and overcoming one's fears, Dumbo ran us through a complete range of emotions and paved the way for other complex Disney features."

"Everyone has a feature they don't like about themselves and no movie in history captures that feeling better than Disney's Dumbo, the baby elephant with over sized ears. Not only do we see that there are people (or animals) with features that others pick on, but that those features are the things that can make you great. I can't think of a better message to send out to the youth of 60+ years of generations."


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