Bambi: Platinum Edition
Bambi: 2-Disc Platinum Edition
Release Date: March 1, 2005
Bambi: Platinum Edition cover art - click for larger view Beloved by generations and much-requested, Walt Disney's masterpiece Bambi will make its DVD debut as a magnificent 2-disc Special Edition on March 1, 2005. Disney's fifth animated feature, unavailable in any form for over eight years, now becomes the fifth entry into Disney’s celebrated PLATINUM COLLECTION and will be available for a limited time only.

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Technical Specifications
• 1.33:1 Original Aspect Ratio (Fullscreen)
• All-New 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix, Dolbyฎ Digital 2.0 Original Mono Theatrical Mix, English, French & Spanish Dolbyฎ Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, THX-Certified with Optimizer tests

Special Features
• "Inside Walt's Story Meetings" (70 minutes) - At every creative meeting, Walt Disney had a stenographer taking notes. Hear these story notes, reenacted by voice actors and set to footage, sketches and other production items. (pictures)
• "The Making of Bambi: A Prince is Born" (53 minutes) - A thorough documentary on Bambi, which covers the film's Story, Characters, Actors, Art Design, Music, and History.
• Deleted Scenes - Discover "Winter Grass" (picture) and "Bambi's First Snow", two sequences which never made it into the final cut of Bambi.
• "The Old Mill" Short (8ฝ minutes) - Disney's 1937 animated short that has been cited as one of the influences for the Bambi artists. (picture)
• Disney Time Capsule: 1942 (5 minutes) - Go back in time over sixty years to a golden age of creativity for Walt and his animators, before World War II began to take its toll on the Studio.
• "Tricks of the Trade" excerpt (7 minutes) - Take a behind-the-scenes look at the animation of Bambi in this 1957 installment of "Disneyland" hosted by Walt Disney.
• Restoring Bambi (6 minutes) - Look at what went into restoring this classic. (pictures)
• The Legacy Continues: Sequel Sneak Peek (5 minutes) - Get a first look at Bambi and the Great Prince, the upcoming sequel due in early 2006.
• Original Theatrical Trailer (2 minutes) - See how Bambi was promoted to moviegoers in 1942.
• Art Galleries • Inside the Disney Archives
• The Forest Adventure Game - In this exciting new multiple-level 3-D game, you experience the mysteries of the forest with trivia and more.
• DisneyPedia: Bambi's Forest Friends (4 minutes) - Learn about the real-life animals in Bambi with animal and animated character comparisons on Bambi, Thumper, Flower, and Owl.
• "What's Your Season?" Personality Profile Quiz - Answer a few questions and find out which of Mother Nature’s traits you most possess.
• Disney Storytime: Thumper Goes Exploring - An all-new interactive story based on the Golden Bookฎ classic Thumper.
• Virtual Forest - Bring the sights and sounds of the forest into your home with this set-top screensaver, complete with changing seasons.



Left: A still from the classic Disney short film "The Old Mill." Right: A still from the deleted scene "Winter Grass."

Stills from the "Restoring Bambi" featurette.

Experience the creative meetings through which Bambi was made.

Left: Walt talks about showing that man started the fire. Center: He wanted to show the animals didn't start the fire.
Right: Walt's words are shown regarding how he thinks the movie should start.

Left: Walt's words illustrate his thoughts on how the movie should start. Center: This layout outlines Bambi's first walk and how he'll meet other characters.
Right: Walt discusses using an idea from Pluto and the Gopher to introduce the mole to Bambi.

Left: Walt yearns to tell the story through other characters, rather than through the mother. Center: Bambi chases the butterfly and Walt talks about comic arpeggios.
Right: Here, discussion covers using music that gives a dramatic feeling that Bambi's mother could be shot.

Left: Walt talks about bringing in the characters once they're established. Center: Walt discusses a plan to use music to the cadence of the footsteps.
Right: Walt mentions Bambi should have the same comic look as "Pluto on Ice."

Preorder from Amazon.com (35% off)
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