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"Tosh.0" on Blu-ray and DVD: Hoodies Deep V's Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets

"Tosh.0" Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets DVD Review

Tosh.0: Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets DVD cover art - click to buy from Amazon Marketplace Tosh.0: Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets (2009-10)
Show & Blu-ray Disc Details

Executive Producers: Daniel Tosh, Scott Tomlinson / Director: Scott Zabielski

Writers: Joe Borden, Eddie Gossling, Nick Malis, Brian Rubenstein, Scott Tomlinson, Daniel Tosh, Jim Patton

Host: Daniel Tosh / Guest Stars: Bill Allen, Todd Glass, Fabolous, Lucas Cruikshank, Jay Maynard, Scorpio Sky, Lee Robert Weber, Ottis Anderson, Robert D'Alessandro, Recio Young, Brandon Kuzma, Cali Kaltschmidt, Harold McCoo, David Devore Jr., David Devore Sr., Lauren Bernat, Andre Houle, Troy Markle, Alan Thicke, Jeffrey Vandiver, Fannie Abbott, Caitlyn Concklin, Bill Romanowski, Cory Turner, Denny Hazen, Bizzy Bone, Jasper Redd, Ron Jeremy, Jill Rosenberg, Latarian Milton, Vikkita Stratford, Elyse Downs, Emily Monforto, Steve Monforto

Running Time: 323 Minutes (15 episodes) / Rating: Not Rated (TV-14, censored, on air)

1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen / Dolby Digital 5.1 (English), Dolby Stereo 2.0 (English)
Subtitles: English for Hearing Impaired; Not Closed Captioned; Extras Not Subtitled or Captioned
Episodes Originally Aired October 8, 2009 - March 10, 2010
Walmart Exclusive DVD Release Date: December 21, 2012 / Suggested Retail Price: $22.99
Three single-sided, dual-layered discs (DVD-9s) / Black Keepcase
Also available on Amazon Instant Video

Buy Tosh.0: Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets on DVD: Walmart Amazon Marketplace

On the Friday before last Christmas, the number of home video compilations devoted to "Tosh.0" rose from one to three. While #2, Deep V's, could be found everywhere both on DVD and Blu-ray, Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets was a DVD-only release and a Walmart exclusive, decisions odd and probably related.
Though numbered 3, this three-disc DVD actually fills in a gap between the first two releases, supplying the six "Cardigans" episodes that ended Season 1 along with the nine "Casual Jackets" ones that ran prior to Season 2's hiatus. With this, the show's first two seasons (a total of 41 episodes) are now available to own on DVD in their entirety. That still leaves two full seasons and 60 (& counting) episodes unreleased to disc in this web video commentary series' long (especially by Comedy Central standards) run.

By now, you probably either know what you're getting with "Tosh.0" or you don't care to find out. It's essentially a variation on E!'s "The Soup", with gross and embarrassing viral videos, not awkward television, being subjected to comic derision. I've found the results of the program pretty entertaining, without being entirely enamored with host Daniel Tosh himself and his edgy standup sensibilities relying on tired gender and race stereotypes. The show is as likely to make you cringe as laugh and that's one aspect I would change. The web offers enough random hilarity to not be fixated on people getting hurt.

A man's bushy mustache inevitably prompts some jokes from "Tosh.0" host Daniel Tosh.

Tosh makes a lot of the segments about himself, using visual effects to insert himself into certain videos and turning others into a forum for his comedy. Still, he makes for a sharp-tongued, quick-witted host to guide us through the endless and often bizarre world of home movies with the occasionally obscure cultural reference. The show's best segment continues to be Web Redemption, in which the star of an embarrassing viral video gets to combat and laugh off his or her infamy with an interview and recreation, after Tosh first gets to perform a thought-out and often tangential monologue.

Shows of this nature generally do not come to DVD; for instance, you won't find any "The Soup" on disc. True, these 2009-10 episodes have their share of references that already date them: the horror movie The Box, Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, Miley Cyrus. (The cracks at Jay Leno, however, have no expiration date.) But if the releases stop coming (and no others are planned at least through May), that would be due to soft sales numbers, which you can probably chalk up both to the limited funds and the tech savviness of the target demographic. Teenagers who like this show enough to collect it probably aren't downloading episodes at $1.99 a piece ($2.99 in HD). While a long way from catching up to the broadcast run, the DVDs and Blu-rays offer the best value for owning the show in its least censored form.

Tron Guy enters the Tron World in his Web Redemption segment. At Los Angeles' AdultCon, Daniel Tosh tries to get the invented fetish of Q-tipping to catch on with porn stars.

Disc 1

1. Episode 11 (21:35) (Originally aired October 8, 2009)
Diving board mishap; Oprah's long The Color Purple peeing recurs; an old woman dances on spring break; guidos' car video is recreated by five Toshes; a little boy parallel parks in a toy car; Video Breakdown looks at a fat woman trying to mount a horse; Tron Guy gets to go into the Tron World for his Web Redemption; bad times to do a Randy "Macho Man" Savage impression;
Lucas Cruickshank, the creator of online phenom Fred, is interviewed.

2. Episode 12 (21:35) (Originally aired October 15, 2009)
A brother's sneaky slap of his sister is shown; Tosh tries to get "Q-tipping" to become a new fetish at the AdultCon porn convention in Los Angeles; Cowboys fans' stadium bathroom sex is Pic of the Week; glass table fail; trampoline self-dunk; old Ken reads Miley Cyrus' old tweets; a backyard wrestler gets Web Redemption with help from Scorpio Sky; montage of Wii-related accidents.

3. Episode 13 (21:35) (Originally aired October 22, 2009)
Bill Allen joins Tosh to recreate a scene from Rad; a Georgia fan cheers on his school in white body paint; a Spanish kid's little car takes a tumble; Middle Eastern men ride by standing outside a moving car; a montage of stripper pole mishaps; Craigslist post of the week extends an hilarious offer to a Li'l Wayne impersonator; crying New York Giants fan gets Web Redemption, with visits from a Lions fan and a cancer patient putting his team's failures into perspective; six skinheads encounter a black man in a short scripted bit.

The boy who excitedly received a Nintendo 64 in the '90s gets a Christmas-themed Web Redemption in Season 1's Halloween episode. Highlights of a "stoned" professor's erratic class are shared and commented upon in Episode 15.

4. Episode 14 (21:21) (Originally aired October 29, 2009)
In this "Halloween episode", a bat penis prompts 20 seconds of jokes; in a European mall, a man is kicked unconscious while trying to flee; Tosh tries out "Fire in the Hole" stunts; the audience tries to guess the progression of a cyst popping that produces much puss and blood; a kid excited to get a Nintendo 64 in a late '90s Christmas gets Web Redemption.

5. Episode 15 (21:05) (Originally aired November 5, 2009)
Musclemen engage in bathtub tickling; monkeys have sex on a car; a stoned professor gives a bizarre lecture; a drunk man stumbles around a 7-Eleven; a reporter gets wiped out by an innertube racer; a trampled cheerleader gets Web Redemption; the veracity of a hot tub video is considered; Tosh answers Twitter questions.

6. Episode 16 (21:25) (Originally aired November 12, 2009)
In this Season One finale, a man shows off his giant tongue; a boy tasers himself on camera; a young Middle Eastern woman takes a spill in a bowling alley lane; a home shopping network host who fell off a ladder gets Web Redemption; we look back at the web redemptions throughout the season; a boy who ate 40 pizza rolls lives up to Tosh's disgusting challenge to eat six chickens in cans; Tosh does waterboarding with lemonade; "Sittin On Tha toilet" is viewer clip of the week; highlights of backstage arm wrestling battles; season ends on a Cliffhanger cliffhanger.

"Is this real life?" asks David After Dentist in the video that made him an Internet celebrity. The girls who struggled with Tom Cruise's "Risky Business" underwear slide get the chance to recreate "Cocktail" and his other movies.

Disc 2

7. Episode 17 (21:35) (Originally aired January 13, 2010)
A shirtless Asian man dances; a closet interrupts a girl's stuffed animal web show; Tosh tries to recreate a cute kitten video; a woman's back cleavage gets 20 seconds of jokes; two girls' fight gets Video Breakdown; David After Dentist gets Web Redemption at his father's expense; Tosh tries to break a pointless world record; a Spelling Bee video asks "Is it racist?"; a Viewer Clip promotes a B Roll service; Tosh arm wrestles the man who played Sylvester Stallone's son in Over the Top.

8. Episode 18 (21:35) (Originally aired January 20, 2010)
A boy jumps through a slide against his father's advice; a 6'8" supermodel gets 40 seconds of jokes; Video Breakdown looks at dashboard camera video of a cab driver's accident;
the first Web Reunion reassmbles the 1987 Crystal Light Dancers, with appearances by Alan Thicke, Bill Allen, and the Jabbawockeez; "Wii Fit Girl" is interviewed; in the Viewer Clip, two old women ride a CGI roller coaster via green screen; Tosh responds to Twitter questions clamoring for vomit clips.

9. Episode 19 (21:35) (Originally aired January 27, 2010)
A boy dances in an inflatable whale; a truck performs an impressive jump; a baby dances on a table in a diaper; Video Breakdown dissects a weightlifting mishap; Risky Business girls get Web Redemption and a chance to recreate Tom Cruise's other movies; Tosh gets a temporary tattoo sleeve; a bizarre wedding video sparks Unanswered Questions; Tosh encourages edits to the show's Wikipedia page; the episode closes with the montage "Above Average Girls Making Animal Noises."

"Average Homeboy" Danny Blaze has not given up on his dream of becoming a white rapper. Because he can, Daniel Tosh becomes Mario for a run-through of the first level of "Super Mario Bros."

10. Episode 20 (21:36) (Originally aired February 3, 2010)
A girl takes a spill down stairs in a cannister; fat flier prompts ridicule in Pic of the Week; in Video Breakdown, a man runs through a glass door; an Urban Dictionary definition is shared; a football player who tackled his teammate gets web redemption with help from former NFL player Bill Romanowski; after a small car has difficulty parallel parking, Tosh tries to see if women can parallel park a van; Tosh reviews changes made to the show's Wikipedia page.

11. Episode 21 (21:36) (Originally aired February 10, 2010)
Pool hall and track & field falls; a boy reacts excitedly to lobsters; a walrus auto-fellates; a boy shows how to "smoke" Smarties; boats collide for jokes; Video Breakdown analyzes an absurd subway confrontation; Denny Blaze, "The Average Homeboy", lives down his ridiculous rap video demo from the early '90s with help from Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and a rap battle; Tosh tries to break records, "interviews" Mel Gibson, and "tries out" the new iPad.

12. Episode 22 (21:36) (Originally aired February 17, 2010)
A kite flier gets wet; a human fountain fills a bottle with water; a casket mishap; an old man pops balloons; a lopsided snowball fight; a woman crazily dances on a plane; a shirtless British man take darts to the lower back and head; a "Pedophile of the Week" segment finds an old man scratching his back with a toilet bowl brush; the girl who tumbled down the stairs on Prom Night gets Web Redemption; a boy climbing steps of milk crates falls, prompting Tosh to go through the first level of Super Mario Bros.; the Viewer Clip shows how to hack your old VCR.

Latarian Milton still thinks "it's fun to do bad things" as he and Tosh try to be hood rats. Sorority girl Elyse Downs finally realizes her dream of making it snow in her Web Redemption.

Disc 3

13. Episode 23 (21:36) (Originally aired February 24, 2010)
A trust fall goes awry inspires Tosh to pull surprise trust falls on strangers; a woman's big butt draws jokes; an obese boy plays Dance Dance Revolution; a man publically defecates in a mall plant; the boy who stole his grandmother's SUV at age 7 because "it's fun to do bad things" gets Web Redemption and teaches Tosh how to do "hood rat" things; friends prank a young man afraid of being buried alive; Tosh tries Chatroulette and lets his audience do the same; Tosh spoils Orphan.

14. Episode 24 (21:36) (Originally aired March 3, 2010)
A wall kick backfires; a boy vomits green beans; a man has a thick moustache; an Asian girl shows off her cup-stacking skills, prompting Tosh to give it a try; a man with one foot and no hands bowls a strike; a man's roof fall is Video Breakdown; Recio's Black Clip of the Week subverts expectations with roller skates; a soriority pledge caught breaking down on video gets Web Redemption and another chance to make it snow; a bus fight is broken down with a plea for a Web Rematch; Twitter comments give their ridiculous Oscar predictions; the episode closes with an unwatchable montage of eyeball grossness.

15. Episode 25 (21:36) (Originally aired March 10, 2010)
A pumpkin explodes in front of youths; a karate chopping demonstration goes wrong; a motorcycle ride through church gets Video Breakdown; the young girl who threw back the foul ball her father caught at a Phillies game gets redemption with a tea party at home plate and chances to throw other objects away; Tosh introduces the female equivalent of nutshots and runs through terms that have been bleeped by Comedy Central; a clip shows off a bad prank show; submissions of surprise trust falls are shared.


Though not as stunning as the show's Blu-rays, the DVD looks as good as standard definition will allow, its only shortcomings being intentional (the datamoshes of its title logo and transition screens) or the product of the often low-grade quality of the featured videos. The 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen video is as censored as it is on the air (black boxes still obstruct penises, while wet t-shirts remain pixelated). On the other hand, the soundtrack, offered in your choice of Dolby Digital 5.1 and stereo, is completely uncensored, allowing often hard profanity to fly with some frequency.

Bonus features include Daniel Tosh's extended Spoiler Alert of the 2009 horror movie "Orphan." Potential looks for Tosh are considered in a blog interview with series stylist Carrie Cramer.


A shrinkwrap sticker touts the inclusion of over 100 minutes of extras, all of which are found on Disc 3. Once again, the extras aren't named but numbered.

First comes an extended version of Tosh's spoiler of the movie Orphan (9:45).
It's still edited, just less heavily, and includes a follow-up video.

Beyond that we get extended edits of the always enjoyable Web Redemptions with the Nintendo 64 kid (11:29), the Crying Giants Fan (11:01), David After Dentist (8:09), the Make It Snow girl (6:48), Latarian (6:43), Denny Blaze (7:07), the wrong team tackler (6:39), trampled cheerleader Cali (15:14), and the home shopping ladder guy (7:56).

We also get an extended version of staffers trying to hit Tosh with a football (3:04).

The disc closes with blog video interviews with a graphics department employee (1:41), a writer (3:12), two editors (2:49), and a stylist (4:01) who talks about potential costume themes.

The static, silent menus make use of the cover design and imagery. The episode selection menus are as indescript as always, assigning simply a picture and number to the episodes, which are nonetheless broken into chapter stops.

A football player who tackled his own teammate grant an interview for one of Tosh.0's Web Redemption segments. A viewer clip advises you of the wonders you'll discover inside the old VCR you thought was useless.


"Tosh.0" continues to entertain with the Internet videos it finds and with the new perspective it creatively gives old favorites. Is it a show you'll revisit frequently enough to need to own? Maybe. But if not, the home video compilations still offer a far better way to see the show than on the airwaves. Cardigans Plus Casual Jackets is on the order of the show's other two releases, only it's exclusive to DVD and Walmart. That could make obtaining it more effort than it deserves. Still, it's a fun show that I hope Comedy Central continues to make available for those without cable or the patience to endure all the ads of online viewing.

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Reviewed February 28, 2013.

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