Forum Status

Current status and updates for the DVDizzy forum

The DVDizzy forum is up and running smoothly after our recent upgrade. Some features are paused while we address some technical issues but are expected to be back online soon.

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Login and Posting

  • Users are able to login.
  • Posting and replying are functional.

Registration & New Users

Email Notifications

We are in the process of switching to a dedicated mail service. You have all made DVDizzy such a vibrant community that we have had trouble keeping up! Our apologies for the inconvenience. We are currently working through a top-priority process to restore all board emails.

  • Board-wide emails have been turned back on, but some features are still being updated. We are still working on post notifications and board-wide messages.
  • Registration activation and password reset emails are functioning normally.

Does something not look right?

We appreciate your feedback! You may contact us directly if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Alternatively, you can create a post in the feedback board or contact a moderator.

Other Notes

phpBB has been upgraded to the latest. Learn more →

This upgrade has fixed many long-term issues, including the forum search, image attachments, and how quotes are displayed. There were a few snags during the upgrade regarding images and load time temporarily while the dust settled, and those issues are now resolved. The server and website should now be running much faster for all members and guests.

Special thanks to our moderators and the DVDizzy & UD family for keeping the show going.

Because of your continued support, we’re here to stay. However, due to the neccessary recent mainteance, we desperately need your help right now. Please consider making a small contribution to keep the lights on.

There are more exciting changes to come. Stay tuned, and cheers to another twenty years!

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