The Lion King - Platinum Edition, released October 7, 2003.
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Still from the new 'Morning Report' Musical Sequence: click for larger view Still from Timon & Pumbaa's All New Virtual Safari: click for larger view The Lion King DVD: Deleted The Lion King DVD: Timon & Pumbaa's Virtual Safari -- click for larger view The Lion King DVD: Zazu's Flyaround -- click for larger view

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Preview of New "Circle of Life" Music Video
Performed by Disney Channel "Circle of Stars"

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-Two Versions of the Film - "Original Theatrical" (actually IMAX re-release) & Special Edition (with the new Elton John/Tim Rice song "The Morning Report")
-1.66:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
-5.1 Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital with Enhanced Home Theater (EHT)
-Audio Commentary (probably ported from the laserdisc)
-"The Making of The Morning Report"
-Three Games: The Lion King Personality Profile Game (discover which character you're most like), Pumbaa's Sound Sensations (5.1 Sound-Matching Game) and Timon's Grab-a-Grub (featuring 2-Player Mode)
-Three Deleted Scenes: Bug Football, Warthog Rhapsody, and Hakuna Matata
-Abandoned Concept: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
-All-New Music Video of "Circle of Life" Featuring Disney Channel 'Stars' Hilary Duff), Raven, Christy Romano, Tahj Mowry, A.J. Trauth & more (Preview)
-Sing-Along Track
-3D animation created for DVD menus and games

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-Timon & Pumbaa's Virtual Safari - Timon & Pumbaa are your Tour Guides to an action-packed blast through the wilds of Africa
-Animal Journey - learn how real animals inspired the animated Lion King characters hosted by Roy Disney
-Storymaking Magic - the fascinating origin and influences behind the story of The Lion King
-Stage Journey - Behind the scenes of the award-winning Broadway hit musical, including exclusive interviews with writer/artist/director Julie Taymor
-Film Journey - Behind-the-scenes footage, Character design, computer animation, African art inspiration (explore masks, costumes, people and puppets)
-Music Journey - Exclusive interviews with Sir Elton John and Tim Rice and Lion King music videos
-Much, much more!

Collector's Gift Set Exclusive Features

-5 exclusive character portrait
drawings, signed and sketched
by the original animators
-The Lion King Special Edition
hardcover book, of course, the 2-disc
Platinum Edition DVD

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The version of the film playing in IMAX theaters is identical to the 1994 theatrical release.
FICTION - For the 2002 IMAX re-release of The Lion King, animators redrew background elements and character details to make for a sharper, more detailed image when blown up to the large dimensions of IMAX theaters. Other changes include a remixed soundtrack, different opening studio logos, and modified special effects shots, including Mufasa's appearance in the clouds and the dust flying off the cliff scene.

The Lion King is the all-time #1-selling movie on videocassette.
FACT - To date, The Lion King has sold over 55 million videocassettes, more than any other title. It was also the highest-grossing animated film of all-time by all accounts (domestically, overseas, and worldwide), but it has recently been surpassed by Finding Nemo in the domestic market, not taking inflation into account.

The Lion King was originally supposed to come to DVD in October 2004.
FACT - The original order of the Platinum releases called for Aladdin to be released in 2003, and The Lion King in 2004. The order was switched sometime in late 2001 and Aladdin will debut on DVD in the fall of 2004.

"The Morning Report" was originally intended to be part of the film, but was scrapped for time reasons.
FICTION - Unlike Beauty and the Beast and the "Human Again" sequence, "The Morning Report" was created for the Broadway musical and never intended to be part of the film. In fact, the song by itself is essentially musical treatment of a dialogue sequence already in the film, when Zazu fills in Mufasa on the news from the animal kingdom.

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