Movie Interviews

Chronological listing of all our movie & TV interviews conducted from 2005 to present. Below you can find interviews with directors, writers, producers, and cast, including many Disney stars.

  • Don Hahn, producer of The Lion King (September 2011)
  • Roger Allers & Ron Minkoff, directors of The Lion King (September 2011)
  • Tony Bancroft, supervising animator of Pumbaa on The Lion King (September 2011)
  • Glen Keane, executive producer and animation supervisor of Tangled (March 2011)
  • Nathan Greno & Byron Howard, directors of Tangled (March 2011)
  • Donnie Dunagan, voice of Bambi (February 2011)
  • Patrick Fabian, star of The Last Exorcism (December 2010)
  • Jon Turteltaub, director of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (November 2010)
  • Joey King, star of Ramona and Beezus (November 2010)
  • Michael Arndt, screenwriter of Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine (October 2010)
  • Ron Clements & John Musker, directors of The Little MermaidAladdin, and The Princess and the Frog (March 2010)
  • Michael Stuhlbarg, star of A Serious Man (February 2010)
  • Jonathan Mostow, director of SurrogatesTerminator 3: Rise of the MachinesU-571 (January 2010)
  • Mike Judge, writer/director of ExtractOffice Space; “King of the Hill” and “Beavis and Butt-Head” creator (December 2009)
  • Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, writers/directors of Up (November 2009)
  • Phyllis Diller, legendary comedienne and the voice of The Queen in A Bug’s Life (May 2009)
  • John Ratzenberger, voice actor in every Pixar film (May 2009)
  • Jason Dolley, star of Hatching Pete and Minutemen (May 2009)
  • Nathan Greno and Mark WaltonBoltSuper Rhino, and Tangled (March 2009)
  • Olesya RulinHigh School Musical Trilogy actor (February 2009)
  • Matt ProkopHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year actor (February 2009)
  • Justin MartinHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year actor (February 2009)
  • Mary Costa, the voice of Sleeping Beauty‘s Princess Aurora (October 2008)
  • Henry Selick, director of The Nightmare Before ChristmasJames and the Giant Peach, and Coraline (August 2008)
  • Jon Turteltaub, director of Disney films including Cool RunningsThe Kid, the National Treasure movies, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (March 2008)
  • Andreas Deja, veteran Disney character animator (March 2008)
  • Alice Davis, Disney costume designer and wife of animator Marc Davis (March 2008)
  • Lisa Davis, the voice and live-action model of Anita in 101 Dalmatians (March 2008)
  • Mitchel Musso, star of “Hannah Montana” and musical contributor to Snow Buddies (February 2008)
  • Dominic Scott Kay, star of Snow Buddies (February 2008)
  • Tony Baxter, Senior Vice President of Disney Imagineering (December 2007)
  • Gore Verbinski, director of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies (November 2007)
  • Margaret Kerry, the live-action model for Tinker Bell in Peter Pan (February 2007)
  • Kathryn Beaumont, the voice and live-action model of Alice in Alice in Wonderland and Wendy in Peter Pan (February 2007)
  • Dave Bossert, veteran Disney animator and supervisor of Disney Restoration Team (January 2007)
  • Frank Nissen, director of Cinderella III: A Twist in Time and Pooh’s Heffalump Movie (January 2007)
  • Brenda Song, star of “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”, The Social Network, and four Disney Channel Original Movies (January 2007)
  • Vince Papale, the inspiration for Invincible (December 2006)
  • Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, writers of Pirates of the CaribbeanAladdin, and Treasure Planet (December 2006)
  • Jim Kammerud, director of The Fox and the Hound 2The Little Mermaid II, and 101 Dalmatians II (December 2006)
  • Moira Kelly, voice of Nala in The Lion King and sequels (December 2006)
  • Hank Jones, actor in 8 Disney comedies of the ’60s and ’70s including Blackbeard’s Ghost (October-November 2006)
  • Priscilla Weems, star of “Five Mile Creek” (October 2006)
  • Don Hahn, producer of The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D, The Lion KingBeauty and the Beast (October 2006)
  • Leonard Maltin, film critic/historian, Disney fan, and host of the Walt Disney Treasures (December 2005)
  • Michael Angarano, star of Sky High (November 2005)
  • Don Grady, Former “Mickey Mouse Club” Mouseketeer, “My Three Sons” actor, and Current Disney Musician (October 2005)
  • Angela Robinson, director of Herbie: Fully Loaded (October 2005)
  • Jim Brickman, composer/pianist of The Disney Songbook (September 2005)
  • Ilene Woods, voice of Cinderella, and producer Don Hahn (September 2005)
  • Taylor Lautner, Sharkboy in Dimension Films’ The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D and Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga (September 2005)
  • Irene Bedard, voice of Pocahontas (May 2005)
  • Don Dunagan, voice of Young Bambi (March 2005)

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Ultimate Disney Forum

“Disney 100 Years of Wonder”

Since we've now reached the 100th year of Disney with Disney's 100th anniversary being celebrated throughout the year. Any new Disney stuff your looking forward to seeing during this year to honor how the company is now about a century old?

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“Hand-Drawn Animation
Dead at Disney”

But with the rise of expense for CG movies, the price of hand-drawn animation has fallen significantly. Winnie the Pooh was made with just $30 million without any compromises to quality and with almost no outsourcing. Hand-drawn features can be profitable when they have a small budget.

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Marvel Forum

“What If...?”

We have exclusively learned that Marvel Studios will be producing a new television series for the Disney+ streaming service based on the popular What If comic book series. The new animated show will be overseen by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, but the stories will not be canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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“LEGO Marvel”

‘LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red’ Coming to Disney+ In October

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General Entertainment

“Sailor Moon Returns!”

Kodansha USA Publishing, a subsidiary of Kodansha, announced today the exciting return of Naoko Takeuchi's SAILOR MOON, one of the most significant names in comics and manga, to US publishing. Brand new deluxe editions of the acclaimed series will be released by Kodansha USA's Kodansha Comics imprint in September 2011. Out of print for six years, SAILOR MOON re-launches along with Takeuchi's two-volume prequel series CODENAME: SAILOR V, in print in the US for the first time-making this one of the most highly anticipated manga releases in years.

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“Mean Girls 2”

Long-awaited? I love Mean Girls as much as the next person, but this sounds unnecessary. BUT, I am liking the cast, so hopefully the script will be decent so the talent isn't waisted.

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