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This Just In: Sitepocalypse Averted!

Update: October 18, 2011.

After more than eight difficult months of anguish, I am happy to report that Google has lifted the severe, baffling manual penalty it had placed against this site. I am not the slightest bit wiser as to why the site was penalized nor as to why it no longer is. I do not expect that to change; Google displays no transparency regarding penalties. At no point during this soul-crushing experience was I given even one single original word from a Google employee explaining or acknowledging my situation. All I received were form rejections to my detailed, thorough reconsideration requests, the last of which was submitted and processed over a month ago, in the negative like all those before it.

To be honest, I don't even care that much about the "how" and "why." Having read more than anyone ever should on search engine optimization and Google penalties, I now emerge as uninterested in the subjects as I was prior to this experience. I can only hope that this site is never again penalized so harshly over a mysterious perceived violation of the search engine's quality guidelines. I continue to believe that Google could have handled the situation so much better and that a brief, single human survey of my more than ten years of hard work would have revealed nothing malicious, manipulative, or questionable in any way. It is appalling that a single company can, out of the blue, crush a small business without any recourse or accountability. While I can sympathize with the impossibility of even a multi-billion dollar company policing the entirety of the Internet with careful human attention to detail, Google failed me and every one of its searchers it deprived of my site's content by burying it several pages in.

This nasty experience has turned me into a Yahoo! Search user for the indefinite future. In the past several months, I've found myself quite satisfied with the web results that they and Bing share. Otherwise, I am thrilled to be done with this issue and eager to turn over a new leaf. As we approach the eleventh anniversary of this site's creation on something called Angelfire, my determination to bring you the best website on movies and TV on home video that a single individual can is fully renewed. Thank you for sticking with this site over the years and for helping to bring attention to this wretched plight.

Though this major obstacle appears to have been cleared, there is still much you can do to help ensure the future of this site.

Visiting the site daily would help tremendously. I try my hardest to publish something new and interesting everyday. You can also help by liking us on Facebook here, following us on Twitter here, and subscribing to our free newsletter (send a blank e-mail to [email protected]). On the top right side of our Facebook page, you can choose to "Invite Friends" to "like" us. Even if only two of your friends joined, we would triple our reach there. Tell your real life friends who you think would appreciate it.

Another huge help would be to use any one of our links to Amazon.com when you buy anything from them; we get a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you. From experience, I can assure you Amazon's selection and service is the best around and you're likely to save money and certain to save time by shopping there.

Any support you can provide in any of these ways is wholeheartedly appreciated. I also welcome feedback. If you spot an error, have a suggestion, or simply want to drop a kind or hateful word, you can do that very easily by e-mailing me at tsdvd at yahoo.com. I try my hardest to reply to every message in a timely fashion and you'll find I succeed at that most of the time.

As long as you keep visiting the site, I intend to keep giving you a site worth visiting! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to spend my time on something that both you and I are passionate about.

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Posted June 10, 2011. Updated August 7, 2011. Updated again October 18, 2011.

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