The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement DVD Press Release

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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement DVD Press Release

Post by Luke »

<center><b>The Hilarious Sequel To “The Princess Diaries”
Available On Disney DVD December 14


Loaded With Family-Friendly Bonus Features Including Bloopers, Deleted Scenes,
And “Find Your Inner Princess” Personality Quiz

BURBANK, Calif., September 14, 2004 - Where the family smash hit “<i>The Princess Diaries</i>” ended, the
fun begins again with <b>THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT</b>, available on Disney
DVD and Video December 14, 2004 from Walt Disney Home Entertainment. In the quest for a groom,
comedy and complications rule the day as Anne Hathaway, Academy Award®-winner Julie Andrews,
and the original cast and filmmakers behind “<i>The Princess Diaries</i>,” including director Garry Marshall
(“<i>Raising Helen</i>,” “<i>Runaway Bride</i>”) return for this fun, hip, modern-day fairy tale.

DVD bonus materials include royal bloopers; never-before-seen deleted scenes with director Garry
Marshall’s introductions; “Breakaway” music video by Kelly Clarkson; “The PD2 Makeover” with hip
tips on how to transform into a princess; “Find Your Inner Princess” personality quiz; “Making A Return
Engagement” a behind-the-scenes look at the cool music in the movie hosted by Raven; audio
commentary with Julie Andrews and director Garry Marshall; and animated menus. DVD available in
separate widescreen and fullscreen versions.

<b>THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT</b> will be available for $29.99 (S.R.P.) on
DVD and $24.99 (S.R.P.) on VHS.

In <b>THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT</b> Mia (Anne Hathaway, “<i>Ella Enchanted</i>”)
is ready to assume her role as princess of Genovia. But no sooner has she moved into the Royal Palace
with her beautiful, wise grandmother Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews, Academy Award® winner Best
Actress “<i>Mary Poppins</i>” 1964) than she learns her days as a princess are numbered – Mia’s got to lose the
tiara and immediately take the crown herself. As if getting ready to rule wasn’t enough, the stakes for
Mia have never been higher- with Genovian law stating that princesses must be married before being
crowned, Mia’s in for a parade of suitors who’d all like to be her king. The sparkling cast includes
returning “<i>Princess Diaries</i>” stars Heather Matarazzo, Hector Elizondo (“<i>Raising Helen</i>”) and new cast
members Raven (Disney Channel talent), Caroline Goodall (TV’s “<i>The Mists of Avalon</i>”), John Rhys-
Davies (Disney’s “<i>The Jungle Book 2</i>”), Callum Blue (TV’s “<i>Dead Like Me</i>”) and Chris Pine.

Story by Gina Wendkos and Shonda Rhimes. Based on characters by Meg Cabot. Screenplay by Shonda
Rhimes. Directed by Garry Marshall.

<b><u>STREET DATE: December 14, 2004</b></u>
<u>Direct prebook</u>: October 19, 2004
<u>Distributor prebook</u>: November 2, 2004
<u>Suggested retail price</u>: $29.99 (DVD); $24.99 (VHS)
<u>Rated</u>: “G”
<u>Feature running time</u>: Approximately 113 minutes
Bonus materials unrated and subject to change.
<u>DVD aspect ratio</u>: 1.33:1 formatted 4x3
and available separately:
1.85:1 enhanced for 16x9 TV screens
<u>Sound</u>: Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
<u>Languages</u>: French audio, French subtitles & Spanish subtitles on DVD

Walt Disney Home Entertainment is distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc., a recognized
industry leader. Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc. is the marketing, sales and distribution company
for Walt Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax, Dimension and Buena Vista videocassettes
and DVDs.

<a href=" ... vemz"><img src="">
<b><font size="4">Preorder The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (Widescreen Edition) from</a></b>
<br><b><a href=" ... html">Read our DVD review of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement</a></b></font>
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Post by MickeyMouseboy »

is there a princess diaries 3 in plan? cause i might hold off buying this just in case a 2 disc set comes out lol :D
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Post by DreamerQ18 »

YAY!!!! :D I cantr weait for this realse I love the Princess Diaires stories and i think this was a great movie I will be buying this on its first day of realese :D !
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Post by Disneykid »

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this sequel. It's not as good as the original, of course, but I never expected it to be, and it's definitely good enough for me to own. I like how this disc's contents match the ones for the original film. I'm really hoping there's more to the "Making A Return Engagement" featurette than just promoting the movie's soundtrack, and that it it somehow will miraculously not be annoying with Raven as host.

As for a Princess Diaries 3, I doubt it. Anne Hathaway says she's moving on to different and more challenging roles and I can't see Disney doing a sequel with a new person cast as Mia, especially considering how big Anne's becoming in Hollywood.
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Post by DVDFreak »

I totally thought the sequel was better than the original! I've already seen it in theaters 3 times, (once with movie ticket from the Princess Diaries SE DVD)

I will definitely be getting this one on the first day of release :)
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Post by BrittanyBlueEyes »

I can't wait until it comes out! I wonder if the "Making A Return Engagement" is just a look behind the music of PD2, because the title does suggest a complete behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. On the special edition DVD they had a sneek peak of a documentary about the making of PD2, and it obviously had been cut down from a full length one.
Oh well! I'm sure it'll be great!!!
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Post by Luke »

I have just posted my DVD review of <i>The Princess Diaries 2</i>:
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Post by Jack »

Great review, Luke! Though I know the film will be trite, I can't resist the urge to check it out. I liked the first one in an "enjoy-a-sappy-teen/chick-flick-for-once-in-a-lifetime" kind of way. Hu noz when I'll get around to seeing it though.

Particularly enjoyed your digs at Raven.
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Post by deathie mouse »

"Anne Hathaway doing her best Audrey Hepburn impression"

That'd be interesting. :P

I'm sure 2099net can't wait to check the Raven sections ;)
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