Halloween TV Specials/Episodes of the Anthology series

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Halloween TV Specials/Episodes of the Anthology series

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With it being Halloween time, I have been researching different Disney Halloween TV specials and episodes of the anthology series. These are the titles (in the order in which they originally aired) I have found so far:

“Halloween Hall O' Fame” (Anthology Series, originally aired 10/30/77)
“A Disney Halloween” (Anthology Series, originally aired 10/24/81)
“Disney's Halloween Treat” (Anthology Series, originally aired 10/30/82)
“A Disney Halloween” (1983 Disney Channel TV Special)
“Disney Scary Tales of Halloween” (Also known as "Scary Tales" and titled "Scary Tales Halloween" in the opening credits. It was originally created in 1986 and was shown in syndication).

I am wondering if anybody knows of any other Halloween or horror-themed specials/anthology series episodes. This page lists quite a few https://dvdizzy.com/disneyhalloween.html, but the ones it lists that I haven’t mentioned aren’t ones I’m interested in. The ones I’ve mentioned above have numerous similarities with each other. They are all clips shows, and (being Halloween-themed), they tend to use a lot of the same cartoons and clips from different movies, so much so that one could think one was watching one of these specials when, in fact they were watching another one. So, does anybody know of any Disney Halloween TV specials or episodes of the anthology series that are clips shows other than the ones I’ve listed above?
Thank you.
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