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The Torchwood 2006 Thread

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:12 pm
by 2099net
Well, the 2006 series of Doctor Who is over. Rose had gone. Torchwood is decimated (although technically Doomsday was set in 2007, so does that mean Torchwood: The Series will be set in the near future too?). It's all change for 2007 (with an quick stop-off at Christmas 2006 with a Runaway Bride) as the series once again evolves and redefines itself. Doctor Who will also continue to tell stories between now and next Easter in comic strip, novel and audio forms.

So here's what's going to be entertaining us in the meantime. Torchwood!

Today the BBC issued a Torchwood press release:

"Torchwood follows the adventures of a team of investigators as they use alien technology to solve crimes, both alien and human. This new British sci-fi crime thriller, from Russell T Davies, follows the team as they delve into the unknown. They are fighting the impossible while keeping their everyday lives going back at home. The cast includes John Barrowman (Doctor Who) as the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness, the ever-watchful heart of the team guarding against the fragility of humankind. Eve Myles (Doctor Who, Belonging) plays Gwen Cooper, initially an outsider whose first encounter with Torchwood sparks a burning curiosity to get to the truth and throws her into an unfamiliar but exciting world. Burn Gorman (Bleak House) plays the raw but charming medic, Owen Harper, and Naoko Mori (Absolutely Fabulous) is Toshiko Sato, the team member who specialises in all things technical. Torchwood is written by Russell T Davies and Chris Chibnall, with contributing writers including PJ Hammond, Toby Whithouse and Helen Raynor. A BBC production.

We also have four pictures: ... hwood1.jpg ... hwood2.jpg ... hwood3.jpg ... hwood4.jpg

The Daily Telegraph has also started to take an interest in the upcoming spin-off.

""While Torchwood - an anagram of its Dr Who - will not contain overt sex scenes, producers have promised a 'lot of blood and snogging'. The show, to be broadcast over 13 episodes on the digital BBC3 channel in the autumn, is not designed to supplant Doctor Who. Jane Tranter, the drama chief who commissioned the hit revival of the timelord's adventures, said that the series 'builds on some of the myths and legends that have been present in Doctor Who'. However, it was 'a completely different show in every way, in terms of the tone and audience it's going for.' She added: 'It's alien hunters in Cardiff, not travelling in time and space.' ... Scenes unveiled by the BBC yesterday showed an edgy drama with a team that feels it is 'separate from the government, beyond the police and outside of the United Nations'. Aliens - supposedly in the world today - are captured and taken to holding cells in Cardiff, where Torchwood is set. The BBC is relying on the track record of its creator, Russell T Davies, who has been dubbed 'the saviour of Saturday night drama' with his work in reviving Doctor Who. Torchwood was actually the name used as a security measure to disguise preview tapes of the first episodes of the new Doctor Who to stop them falling into the hands of DVD pirates when they were moved from Wales to BBC headquarters. Davies said: 'One of the people in the office had the idea of calling the tapes Torchwood as they went from Cardiff to London, instead of putting Doctor Who on them. I thought, 'That's clever!' I had that taped away in my head for a good six months, and now here it is as a show.' Torchwood was first mentioned in an episode of Doctor Who as an establishment founded by Queen Victoria. It became a prominent feature of episodes 12 and 13. Davies said: 'Doctor Who has a completely different feel to this kind of thing. This is set in the same place every week. It's a different sort of fun to Doctor Who. It's an urban series, very much set on earth. With Doctor Who we often had to pretend that bits of Cardiff were London, or Utah, or the planet Zog. This series is going to be honest-to-God Cardiff.'"

Captain Jack, the lead character in Torchwood is also due to return to Doctor Who in the 2007 series.

Finally Amazon has the first Torchwood DVD release up for pre-order: ... B000GRU0ZC