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Re: Miscellaneous Film/TV Discussion

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An actress from Glee (she played Brittany) showed up on So Help Me Todd this season as a love interest for Todd, probably the first time I've seen her in anything since that show ended. It's a shame she's likely not the endgame since the character has something going with another character already, because I wouldn't mind seeing her every week on this show. Actually, Thursday's on CBS with Ghosts and So Help Me Todd is probably the closest anything on cable these days comes to Sunday nights back in the 2010's when I'd watch Desperate Housewives, Once Upon a Time, and Brothers & Sisters one after another.

They debuted another murder mystery show after SHMT this past week (Elsbeth), too. Apparently it's connected to The Good Wife / The Good Fight. I've never seen those shows, although I wish I had (I'm sure I'll get around to it someday); the first episode stood well on its own without having watched those shows. I really gave it a shot because I know the lead actress from TransAmerica. And she was pretty good as a lead here.

There were two other shows I had planned to watch this year that might have been upended by the actor's and writer's strike, I guess. One was The Good Lawyer (a spin-off of The Good Doctor that stars Felicity Huffman). The episode with Felicity Huffman of The Good Doctor last season was pretty good, I'd watch a show of that. The other was Matlock. I was never fond of Matlock growing up, but the previews with Kathy Bates just looked like so much fun that I knew I'd enjoy it. I just hope both are still coming--even if it may not be until next Fall. :( I feel like Matlock should be alright since such a big name like Bates is attached. I don't know about TGL though, but I hope so.

I'd heard there might be a revival of Downton Abbey, although I'm skeptical about that. I mean, I'd watch it, but it wouldn't be the same without Maggie Smith. I still hope Supernatural might get revived in a couple of years, perhaps on Netflix or whatever. Especially now the spinoff show The Winchesters has been cancelled. I think it'll happen, but probably not until Walker ends.
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Re: Miscellaneous Film/TV Discussion

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Damsel review by The Flopnerd: just watched Netflix's Damsel. Im just gonna go ahead and say it was really captivating, exciting :thumb: but at the end mediocre and corny too :huh: . The first hour was really good imo. They paced it quite well, and the lore and everyone was Introduced good to prepare for the hook. :D And the second she was thrown into the dungeon it got really really exciting and shocking, :huh: :biting: from there on it was this thrilling survival story and the sequences where she got almost grilled from the dragon and she got stuck with her dress, really intense. I loved the survival aspect. You just hope that she gets out of there, since the dragon [spoiler]killed all the others before her. It really felt shocking when she got out through the crystal exit, only for it to be a dead end. Those false hopes are one of the most strinking parts in movies, ( i watched a horror movie with a shocking ending ones and the false hope was the shocking part, i still to this day remember this twist so damn well :oops: ). And then after all the grieve and dragon attacks and desperate attempts to get out of there, her father comes and she finally gets out of there. And his death was karma for selling his daughter for a wealthy kingdom.๐Ÿ˜˜ And the second she gets out, the movie gets really weak and corny. She Literally tried everything to get out, only to go through hell again just because her sister is there. Instead of planning what to do she just jumps in again. It felt so anticlimactic, as if this place wasnt the most traumatic experience in her life, her going back felt like it was no big deal. I think i didnt like this aspect is that she starts out as this frightened helpless surviver to this girlboss who faces the dragon :eyebrow: , . And the bloodthirsty dragon who automatically tries to kill princesses when it sees one then casually believes Elodie that their on the same side, because she has some random cut in her hand (we are going to ignore the other bruises and Cuts she got from the cave :wink: ). It felt so weird that she had this conversation with the dragon. Burning down the evil kingdom was satisfying tho. I think the movie suffred hard for trying to be too many things. It switches from genre to genre. First this classic fairytale story with this weird kingdom. Later on, action survival. Then, just fantasy girlboss action. Idk. :woot:
Millie Bobby Brown is a really great actress. Loved her in ST and in the Enola Holmes movies. She played the fearful scenes really well :)
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