The Legend of Zelda (Live-Action Film)

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The Legend of Zelda (Live-Action Film)

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‘Legend of Zelda’ Live-Action Film in Development From Nintendo and ‘Maze Runner’ Director Wes Ball ... 235783308/

I didn’t expect that the movie would be live-action and I was kinda sad since the games really feel like they can be made for an animated movie in the style of a 3d Studio Ghibli film (not like Earwig and the Witch, like the current Zelda games). That, and the people involved in this movie (Director, Producer, Writer) have a reputation in making movies that are enjoyable and great at best (Spider-Man, Dectective Pikachu) and mediocre and forgettable at worst (Uncharted, Morbius :huh:) which is instantly a red flag for me and makes me worried that they won’t do the games justice with what they’re gonna do with the movie.

But, since Miyamoto said that he’s been working on this movie for years now, I’ll just hold onto some hope that it will be the best that it can be since he was also very hands on with the last Nintendo movie he made, The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Here’s hoping that it will be good. 🤞

(Also, first time making a topic here in the forum, sooooo prund of myself :D)
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