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10. Judge Claude Frollo
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
Voice: Tony Jay
Animator: Kathy Zielinski

Judge Claude Frollo is such an effective villain because his character and his motives are so eerily rooted in reality. Disney villains are often cited for their flamboyance and outrageous mustachio-

curling “super-villain” qualities; Frollo is a glaring exception - he’s almost the polar opposite. The concept of such a self-righteous man, who is so convinced that he’s doing the right thing that it ultimately corrupts him, has been (and unfortunately continues to be) a reality in our own human history. That “possibility” of Frollo’s character makes him that much more convincing - and that much more menacing - a villain than possibly any other Disney villain yet created. - Lindsay Mayer

Judge Claude Frollo is a classic Victor Hugo villain, in that the key point to his wickedness is that he believes he is doing what is right. His self-righteousness strikes true to many people because, unlike a wicked witch or evil queen, it is something that is frightfully real. In the song "Heaven's Light/Hell's Fire", Frollo gives one of the strongest performances of any Disney villain as he struggles between his own concepts of good and evil. - Renata

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Links:
#11 in Animated Classics Countdown | DVD Review | DVD


9. Lady Tremaine
Cinderella (1950)
Voice: Eleanor Audley
Animator: Frank Thomas

Lady Tremaine is a unique “hybrid” of a villainess - on the one hand, she’s your classic faerie tale “wicked stepmother” - an apparently shallow enough persona. But on the other hand, the Lady is a

sinisterly realistic creature - shrewd and graceful, she’s nonetheless self-centered and power hungry. She treats Cinderella with a kind of foreboding, frigid elegance; although she never lays a hand on the “little cinder girl,” the Lady is psychologically abusive, ruthlessly toying with the girl’s hopes and dreams. Like the vast majority of Disney villains, she’s eventually foiled, but the Lady does succeed in making a strong lasting impression on her audience when she’s the one in power! - Lindsay Mayer

"Even though she is really Cinderella's stepmother, she seems to be more like the horrible, mean mother-in-law. When I was a kid, I hated her so much in the scene when she locked Cinderella in the tower and the Duke was coming." - Kram Nebuer

MickeyMousePal on Lady Tremaine: Lady Tremain reminds me of The Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because of all the evil she has but minus the magic. Lady Tremaine cares more for her daughter then for Cinderella. Lady Tremaine also treats he stepdaughter like a slave and not like an equal person. She's a very cunning villain and very evil that makes her all the better to frighten you.

Lady Tremaine sound clip: WAV (60 k)

Cinderella Links: #8 in Animated Classics Countdown
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True DVD Review | Disney Princess Sing Along DVD Review


8. Hades
Hercules (1997)
Voice: James Woods
Animator: Nik Ranieri

Hades, the very name brings up powerful images. After all, Hades was the all-powerful king of the dead in Greek mythology. So powerful was Hades, that even this underworld kingdom was called the

domain of Hades, or simply even Hades itself. Plus he was the brother to Zeus, the most powerful of all the Greek gods. Surely in a battle with Hercules he would be a formidable opponent?

So it's somewhat of a disappointment when Hades is revealed in the opening of Hercules. This sycophantic dullard is the king of the dead? And what's with his motor-mouth of endless prattle? Is he as neurotic as he appears to be? This is Hades?

But of course first appearances can be deceptive. He may shower flattery among his fellow gods, but when alone his hatred and bitterness is clearly vocalised. And what a voice performance it is, another one of Disney's greatest. His quick-fire verbal assaults are direct from James Woods' interpretation of the character. Who would have thought that James Woods would even begin to imagine such an off-beat and unique characterisation? It's just as scene stealing and inventive as Robin Williams' Genie in Aladdin. As the film goes on, it's quite clear how appropriate and fitting his neurosis actually is. This is, after all, the guy who was picked to live an eternal life among the souls of the dead, in virtual isolation from the rest of the gods. He's bound to have, as the therapists would say, 'issues'.

But ultimately I like Hades because of his manipulations. His scheming is almost Faustian, making deals with mortals (and indeed, half-mortals) with their souls as the prize (and I adore how Woods presents Hades as a modern day lawyer at such moments). Of course, his schemes are all bound to fail, because like all true villains he undervalues the true power of love. - James Reader

MickeyMousePal on Hades: Hades wanted to rule the world but had one little problem Hercules. Why did Hades wanted more power? Hades already was a lord of the underworld what more did he want. But Hades was a flaming villain.

Since voicing Hades in this 1997 Disney film, James Woods has become a go-to guy in lending personality to smarmy animated bad guys. His performance as the shrewd Benedict was a highlight of Recess: School's Out and he again voiced a villain for Stuart Little 2.

Hades sound clip: WAV (23 k)

Hercules Links:
Hercules DVD Review | DVD


7. Captain Hook
Peter Pan (1953)
Voice: Hans Conreid
Animator: Frank Thomas

He's one of Disney's first attempts at an entirely comical villain, and in my opinion, their best. Captain Hook is one of the most memorable antagonists in any of Walt’s films, because he’s so

funny, but at the same time, can be viewed as a real threat to the hero. I find this really effective, because Hook gives the kids in Peter Pan a feeling of intimidation at times, but in the end, they feel confident they can beat him - isn’t that the way we as children all liked to view our real fears? - Jack Seiley

Kram Nebuer: This pirate is very elegant, well-to-do, and "the world's most famous crook," but he is also very silly. If I had to confront any Disney Villain, I'd choose Hook because he always made me laugh and deservingly is a "codfish."

"Captain Hook is another one of my favorite villians. He is a pirate. He thirsts for adventure. Plus, he hates little punk boys who fly around. I'd be mad if I found someone who can fly. I wanna fly too! Another reason Captain Hook is cool is because he has a whole ship of men who would die for him. To have that many people be loyal to you, you must be really cool." - Adam Linder

MickeyMousePal on Captain Hook: "I'm a codfish!" I see that Captain Hook has a fear of chronomentrophobia. Yes, of clocks that is inside of that rascal crocodile. Captain Hook has a way of getting what he wants since he's always-out number Peter Pan and his friends. Captain Hook is a cool villain since he's a pirate.

For the 2002 theatrical sequel, Return to Never Land, Disney's veteran voiceman Corey Burton took on the task of playing Captain Hook. Before his death in the early '80s, Hans Conreid, the original voice of Captain Hook, had a film career spanning several decades. His live action work for Disney included supporting roles in "Davy Crockett" (later edited into the feature Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier), The Shaggy D.A., and The Cat From Outer Space.

Peter Pan Links: #7 in Animated Classics Countdown
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6. Cruella De Vil
101 Dalmatians (1961)
Voice: Betty Lou Gerson
Animator: Marc Davis

"In my opinion, Cruella is the ultimate baddie. You see her and you just want to run and hide under your bed. If I was a puppy and heard her, I would run for my life! Cruella is just plain evil. Whether

it's to puppies or Roger, she is evil! If you want to think of the most evil thing possible, look at Cruella. She wants to kill the cutest things alive, puppies! Everyone loves puppies, Cruella just prefers them as coats." - Adam Linder

MickeyMousePal on Cruella De Vil: " Poison them drown them, bash them on the head" Another great Disney villain she wanted to make coats out of the Dalmatian puppies she even bride Roger with money for his puppies but he turned down the offer. She does everything in her power to kill those puppies even destroys her own car. Cruella De Vil is really a big devil. Everybody hates her and loves her.

From the unsubtle symbolic name to her hideous physical appearance, the evil of Cruella De Vil is overt. This may be what makes her stand out as one of Disney's most memorable villains. Her ferociousness and intended cruelty to the spotted heroes of 101 Dalmatians puts her as an easy target, but there's something intriguing about her calculated and perserverent menace.

Of note is that a different Cruella De Vil also received a number of votes for this countdown. That persona was the live action Cruella brought to life by Glenn Close in the 1996 film and 2000's sequel.

Cruella sound clip: WAV (82 k)

101 Dalmatians Links: #14 in Animated Classics Countdown
101 Dalmatians DVD Review | Limited Issue DVD (out of print)


5. Ursula
The Little Mermaid (1989)
Voice: Pat Carroll
Animator: Ruben Aquino

"The great witch of the sea, Ursula is an intimidating octopus set on overthrowing the MerKing Triton and ruling the seas herself. To execute this plan, she uses as prey Triton's

youngest daughter, Ariel. Through a web of manipulations and empty promises, Ursula does her best to foil the life of the righteous in order to advance her own wicked desires. Enormous and frightening, her appearance and actions (highlighted by the magnificent voice acting of Pat Carroll, who also skillfully delivers "Poor Unfortunate Souls" , one of Disney's finest) rank Ursula among Disney's very best villains." - Aaron Wallace

"For as long as I have been living, no movie has been better than The Little Mermaid. No villain, in my opinion, has been better than that famous sadistic sea-witch, Ursula. Brought to life deviously by the raspy Pat Carroll, Ursula has enrapped fear in many people's hearts- young and old. Never one very scared of her, I was pulled into her evilness, unlike my brother who was of her. The villain I love to hate is that purple sea-witch Ursula." - ThinkTink

"I admit that in the past I've been a nasty. They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch"
The release of The Little Mermaid not only brought a return to the golden age of Disney animation but also brought to screen perhaps one of the greatest Disney villains. Ursula is a unique character in the way she was desgned, being a lot bigger in size then the normal villain. In one respect she can present herself as a wholeseome, caring person, as seen in the "Poor Unfortunate Souls" song, while in another instant she is determined to get her way no matter what bytaking the form of Vanessa. Ursula is an example of a villain who desires revenge and has the power to back herself. The culmination of the film truly reveal how great and evil is Urusla's character. This fantastically desgined and voiced character ranks among the best villains and is personally ranked in general has one of my all time favorite characters. - Jay (DisneyVillains)

"Ursula is such an interesting villian because she's got it all: power, scary looks and she wants to make lives miserable and that's what it's all about. In The Little Mermaid she promises Ariel legs if she will trade her voice for it. Ariel accepts and is transformed in to a human so that she can be with Eric. When the real things begin, Ursula transforms herself into a giant octopus to save herself from death but is eventually killed by Ariel's true love Eric." - Kevin

MickeyMousePal on Ursula: When I first heard "Poor Unfortunate Souls" Ursula became one of my favorite Disney villains. Ursula gets Ariel's voice for a trade for a pair of legs. Ursula always tricks Ariel to many times and almost got her killed but lucky for Eric (Lover boy) killed Ursula at the last moment. Every Disney villain pays a price.

Ursula sound clip: WAV (83 k)

The Little Mermaid Links: #2 in Animated Classics Countdown
DVD Review | Songs Countdown | Limited Issue DVD (out of print)


4. The Queen
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Voice: Lucille La Verne
Animator: Norman Ferguson

"Literally, the one that started it all, the most wicked villain of all is the Evil Queen. Who else wanted the heart of her foe? Lucille LaVerne makes the character deep and chilling to go along with the

frightful animations." - ThinkTink

MickeyMousePal on The Queen: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the fairest one of all" The Queen was so jealous of her stepdaughter Snow White she wanted her dead and wanted her heart in a box. One of my most favorite quotes of the Queen is "Mummy dust to make me old." "To shroud my clothes the black of night." "To age my voice an old hag's cackle." "To whiten my hair- a scream of fright."

The villain from Walt Disney's first animated feature holds up sixty-years later as one of the most memorable. In order to be the fairest of them all, the Queen plots to have her stepdaughter murdered. Her cunning transformation into an old witch allows her to peddle a poisoned apple to an unsuspecting Snow White, an illustrative act of her wickedness and her strong desire to see things through. That feature animation's first villain holds such a high place all these years later is a testament to Walt's vision.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Links: #6 in Animated Classics Countdown
Diamond Edition Blu-ray & DVD Review | DVD Review


3. Scar
The Lion King (1994)
Voice: Jeremy Irons
Animator: Andreas Deja

"There are few things more wicked than the betrayal of one's loving family. In The Lion King, a great tragedy unfolds from the perspective a protagonist whose life has been shattered at the hands of his

his own uncle, Scar.

Consumed with jealousy and lust for power, he perpetrates a scandal of Shakespearian proportion, executed in hopes of becoming king of the Pridelands. Not only does he provide us with one of Disney's finer musical numbers, "Be Prepared", but his slender physique and eerily deceptive demeanor generate some of film history's most wicked lines and, indeed, most wicked villains." - Aaron Wallace

"I am not afraid to say that Scar is my all-time favorite Disney villain. I have always liked this cool cat voiced by Jeremy Irons since The Lion King was released. His thirst for sheer power makes him risk anything to kill his brother Mufasa and his son, Simba, in order to be the lion king. That's just pure evil. Who would kill his own sibling just for the sake of a throne? He's simply cold-hearted, and that's what I like about him. What's more, he sings very well too!" - Chris Tsui

"Scar is terrible. And I mean that in a good way. He is another awesome Disney Villain. He just wants to be famous and have power! He kills his own brother, and even tries to kill his nephew. The Mufasa death scene was one of the saddeset moments in a Disney movie. I remember when I saw it in theatres I cried so hard. Yeah I was 6, but still it was sad! Only somebody truly evil can do something that terrible, and that person is the coolest Disney villian ever, SCAR!!!" - Adam Linder

"Brought to life by Jeremy Irons' smooth and miserable voice, Scar becomes a spiteful, moronic and camp character, helping to make the villain's song "Be Prepared" the best in the show." - Wonderlicious

MickeyMousePal on Scar: "Long lived the King" This Disney film is a mixture of Kimba, the White Lion and Hamlet. Scar kills his own brother for power then also almost killed his nephew Simaba. Scar was a horrible king making Pride land dried and ugly. Be prepared for your death Scar. Scar was such a big liar to everyone he knew his price was paid. Also one of the scariest Disney scene for children when Scar killed Mufasa.

Brother of the king, and uncle to the prince, Scar has no power but plenty of pride. Consumed by a desire to be important and royal, Scar has no restraint over his bitterness, which runs wild in his plans to kill his brother, blame his nephew, and lay his claim to Pride Rock's throne. Jeremy Irons' vocals have both the polish and bite that makes Scar cool yet cruel.

For better or worse, Scar hasn't really shown up in the two direct-to-video follow-ups, which are at the top of the crop, but are still a little bit silly for such a grand cinematic villain.

Scar sound clip: WAV (35 k)

The Lion King Links: #4 in Animated Classics Countdown
The Lion King | "Be Prepared" in the Songs Countdown | Limited Issue DVD (out of print)


2. Jafar
Aladdin (1992)
Voice: Jonathan Freeman
Animator: Andreas Deja

I think Jafar is a great villain (or the best) because he's so treacherous, so maniacal, and I love the way he's so calm about everything for the most time and ends up losing his temper (and when he does,

he becomes someone to be feared.

He's the only villain who underwent so many transformations: he goes from vizier, "the old guy" (not a transformation but a disguise and as such a different form), to sultan, to sorcerer, to cobra, to the most powerful genie ever.

While he was just a vizier he used the Sultan as he pleased and when he did became the sultan he literally played with him. Plus enslaved Jasmine and even got to kiss her (well she kissed him) but still he got the kiss and in front of the hero.

What other Disney villain got four oportunities to kill the hero; and in the last two he sent him to the ends of the Earth and tried to eat him. On top of that he got to literally step over the hero's sidekick (the Genie) and remodeled the the whole palace (not like Yzma's) to make it suit his tastes.

And also he really knows how to dress. If this is not a great Disney villain, then who is? -Evil Genie Jafar

"What villain looks scary at first, and funny later? Jafar is. Besides being tall and dark, he is also old, ugly and with a strange accent, which makes you want to laugh when you see and hear him. Sometimes his expressions are totally hilarious, thanks to the elastic face given by animator Andreas Deja. And just because he can do all this while still maintaining his wickedness, Jafar marks a spot in me as one of the greatest Disney villains." - Chris Tsui

"After recently seeing Aladdin again, I really like Jafar. He just wants to be Sultan. He just wants the power. Plus it's really cool to be a Genie! Jafar is evil! Just in the way he speaks also. It sounds so sinister. He also has his really cool (but annoying) "pet" parrot. Iago and he are two of the evilest people you could meet." - Adam Linder

I must say that my two favorite Disney Villains are easily Maleficent and Jafar. In fact, they are rather similar in several ways. Both carry themselves in a very regal manner, and come off as (mostly) very cool and collected. Both carry staffs which aid in their powers, and both have pet birds to carry out their bidding. Both are wonderful, chilling evil characters to enjoy watching!

Jonathan Freeman's delightful vocal performance as Jafar really helps the character ooze evil (along with Andreas Deja's magnificent character animation, and subtle character nuances.) - John C. Johnson

MickeyMousePal on Jafar: "How many times do I have to kill you boy"? Jafar is the most evilest person I ever seen betraying his sultan and trying to make Jasmine to get married with him. Jafar wanted so much power that Aladdin tricked him in his own game. A genie has no freedom.

As vizier to the Sultan, Jafar assumes an air of reliability and pretends to be trustworthy. The truth is he's sly, evil, and has remarkable success in carrying out his wishes. With his serpent-topped staff, he can hypnotize the Sultan and get his way. Seeking riches and power, Jafar feels incomplete without the treasures that the Cave of Wonders has to offer. But along with his obnoxious parrot sidekick, Jafar is able to deceive most in his efforts, which include trying to kill Aladdin and trying to marry Princess Jasmine.

Jafar sound clip: WAV (85 k)

Aladdin Links: #3 in Animated Classics Countdown
DVD Review | Platinum Edition DVD | Collector's Gift Set | Aladdin Sequels Collection


1. Maleficent
Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Voice: Eleanor Audley
Animator: Marc Davis

"Dubbed the mistress of all evil, Maleficent has a tall order to fill, but she succeeds with all the wickedness one would expect from Disney's reigning villainess. Draped in black with flames of

purple and red, her green-toned face accented by her well-defined jaw, and her head topped with devil's horns, Maleficent no doubt looks the part. Her disregard for life and attempts at thwarting the protagonist at every step along the way in order to gain revenge render her actions wrought with chilling villainy as well. Sleeping Beauty is among Walt Disney's finest films, and at its heart is a story fueled by heroes' efforts to wage against this force of evil. With each strike of her staff and spoken line of cunning villainy, Maleficent is the embodiment of wickedness and the ultimate nemesis." - Aaron Wallace

"My favorite villain is Maleficent. She is a terrific villain! Marc Davis really put his heart and soul into her performance and it shows. She has the best look, the best voice, the best laugh, the best climax, everything! I get the chills every time I watch the part where Prince Phillip is chopping through the thorns and Maleficent is on the top her castle tower laughing. Eleanor Audley also does a wonderful performance as the evil fairy. Her voice adds a level of coldness that makes the viewer want to run and hide under their bed sheets. And she's only being evil because she's pure evil! Not being invited to a birthday party is nothing to get upset over, that just makes her all the more evil. She goes on a rampage because she wasn't invited to a party, just think of what she'd do if someone bad-mouthed her and she found out about it. The world would probably come to an end! She truly deserves A (if not THE) top spot. " lord-of-sith

"Maleficent seems to be the epitome of all evil - she wants to kill Princess Aurora simply because she wasn't invited to the party! Also, she is not an ugly, knobbly old witch fairy, but a majestic, beautiful (to some extent) enchantress. I think this was a good move by Marc Davis so it doesn't teach kids that ugly people are bad. What I always wondered though was why she got silly, squat little henchman." - Kram Nebuer

"Maleficent is my favorite...Eleanor Audley's wonderful and powerful voice just brings her to life, and commands attention. Those horns on her head, and the combination of black and purple in her costume (and as a dragon) are simply wonderful!" - John C. Johnson

"Maleficent has very dark clothes, giving her a eerie look. And who could forget how she lured Aurora?" - horseroxy

"Now you shall deal with me oh Prince, and all the powers of HELL!!" was stated by my - ALL- TIME-FAVORITE villain, the evil fairy Maleficent. Voiced exquisitely by Cinderella's Eleanor Audley, Maleficent is evil in every source of the word. From her lavishly gothic costume to her deadly powers, there is nothing to hate about her - except well, she tries to kill a princess." - Think Tink

MickeyMousePal on Maleficent: " You thought you could defeat me the mistress of all evil!" Now, I call Maleficent a true Disney villain. She gets both Aurora and Phillip and could have won if she just killed Phillip but villains never win. Maleficent does everything in her power to stop Phillip from reaching Aurora. Maleficent last battle was the best Disney fight ever.

Walt's 1959 film Sleeping Beauty used lots of style and grace in creating a grand Cinemascope fairy tale. With music, humor, and romance strongly present in the formula, the villain Maleficent brings in elements of horror and suspense. A powerful presence, Maleficent inspires fear and demands respect. She puts a curse on Princess Aurora merely for not getting an invite. That's wicked. And the visitors of have crowned her the greatest Disney villain of all.

Maleficent sound clip: WAV (77 k)

Sleeping Beauty Links: #5 in Animated Classics Countdown
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