Out of Print Disney DVDs

by Luke Bonanno

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OUT OF PRINT Disney DVD Titles (Links to Amazon, where you can buy remaining stock new or used)
The following is a complete list of all Disney DVD movies ‘in the vault’ on moratorium.

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Ultimate Disney Forum

“Disney 100 Years of Wonder”

Since we've now reached the 100th year of Disney with Disney's 100th anniversary being celebrated throughout the year. Any new Disney stuff your looking forward to seeing during this year to honor how the company is now about a century old?

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“Hand-Drawn Animation
Dead at Disney”

But with the rise of expense for CG movies, the price of hand-drawn animation has fallen significantly. Winnie the Pooh was made with just $30 million without any compromises to quality and with almost no outsourcing. Hand-drawn features can be profitable when they have a small budget.

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Marvel Forum

“What If...?”

We have exclusively learned that Marvel Studios will be producing a new television series for the Disney+ streaming service based on the popular What If comic book series. The new animated show will be overseen by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, but the stories will not be canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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“LEGO Marvel”

‘LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red’ Coming to Disney+ In October

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General Entertainment

“Sailor Moon Returns!”

Kodansha USA Publishing, a subsidiary of Kodansha, announced today the exciting return of Naoko Takeuchi's SAILOR MOON, one of the most significant names in comics and manga, to US publishing. Brand new deluxe editions of the acclaimed series will be released by Kodansha USA's Kodansha Comics imprint in September 2011. Out of print for six years, SAILOR MOON re-launches along with Takeuchi's two-volume prequel series CODENAME: SAILOR V, in print in the US for the first time-making this one of the most highly anticipated manga releases in years.

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“Mean Girls 2”

Long-awaited? I love Mean Girls as much as the next person, but this sounds unnecessary. BUT, I am liking the cast, so hopefully the script will be decent so the talent isn't waisted.

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