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MAY 2005

UltimateDisney.com's Countdowns reflect upon the Walt Disney canon, nearly eighty years worth of cinema, and honor the greatest achievements out of it all. Having already determined the best animated classics, live action films, songs, and villains in previous countdowns, visitors were asked to decide upon the next subject earlier this year.
The winner was Disney Heroes & Heroines, encompassing the most memorable protagonists from all of the studio's films. Nearly one hundred regular visitors submitted their lists of 25 heroes and 25 heroines. Using a Borda count, points were assigned, the votes were tallied, and a list of the most affecting 25 heroes and 25 heroines from Disney films was established. This week, we present you with the results as well as some thoughts from those who voted on what makes these characters stand out.

TOP 25 DISNEY HEROES One hundred sixty-two heroes were nominated, ranging from Walt Disney's first undeniable cartoon star (Mickey Mouse) to Benjamin Franklin Gates of the still-in-some-theaters blockbuster National Treasure. The results certainly skew towards animation rather than live action (as have most countdowns on the site) and to the '90s and present decade across the studio's history. One can theorize over why recent heroes were favored, whether that's because there are more Disney movies being made (and therefore, more heroes to choose from) or simply because these offerings are in recent memory. Perhaps it's because modern characters are more fleshed out compared to one-dimensional male leads of early Disney or maybe flawed, imperfect personalities are more appealing in this age of postmodernity.

25) Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Speaking Voice: Chris Sarandon
Singing Voice: Danny Elfman
Jack Skellington causes more trouble than he solves, which may make him seem an unlikely hero candidate. However, Jack's heart is in the right place. He sees wonderful things in Christmas Town and wants to share what he sees with everyone else; he just goes about accomplishing this goal in the wrong way. In the end, the Pumpkin King can be summed up as a rather naοve hero who, like many other Disney protagonists, is searching for his place in the world.
• "After trying to take over Christmas and ruining it, he made up for it in the end." - RJKD23
The Nightmare Before Christmas Links: Special Edition DVD | DVD Review | "What's This?" in Disney Songs Countdown | Disney's Christmas Films | Other Animated Films

24) Pongo, 101 Dalmatians (1961)
Voice: Rod Taylor
Animators: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston
Pongo is a dog who is always eager to please, whether it is finding a mate for his pet Roger, or impressing the beautiful Perdita who he has his eye on.
• "If it weren't for Pongo's strength and love for Perdy, this 'pet' would never have met his mate! If that didn't happen, we'd never get to see all 101 Dalmatians! Had it not been for bravery or his creative thinking, Cruella would still have the puppies! I think of all the dogs Disney created, Pongo deserves a place in the top 25 heroines!" - RJKD23
101 Dalmatians Links: DVD Review | Limited Issue DVD (out of print / Platinum Edition in 2007) | Cruella De Vil in Disney Villains Countdown | Animated Classics Page

23) Flik, A Bug's Life (1998)
Voice: Dave Foley
The word "hero" conjures up the image of a brave and valiant warrior, one with physical strength to conquer evil and the courage to do it without batting an eye. Flik, the slim protagonist of Pixar's second film, does not meet this image. He's extremely clumsy and a bit of a geek. Though he means well with his innovative seed-picking invention, it is this creation which causes the central conflict between the ants and the grasshoppers. The ruling powers agree that his plan to find tough warrior bugs in the city is as good as any punishment they can devise. From his error comes a chance to be heroic, though no one actually expects him to return with insects that will defend Ant Island from Hopper and his thugs. It is a credit to Pixar's writing that a complete klutz could be a protagonist you can get behind and cheer for. The studio's tendency to avoid hiring A-list actors to attract audiences led to the inspired casting of Dave Foley, who for five seasons played a similarly unexpected 'hero' amidst the chaos of WNYX in the brilliant workplace sitcom "NewsRadio."
• "Love makes you crazy, but surprisingly, it can make you a hero! Sure, Flik messed up big time in the beginning and did even worse when choosing performing bugs to 'fight' off the grasshoppers, but the end result? Why, it was a miracle! He won Princess Atta's love, acceptance by all other ants, became highly admired by Dot, and even invented a tool to help the ants gather food! A job well done for the 'mess-up'-turned-HERO!" - RJKD23
A Bug's Life Links: 2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD | DVD Review | Hopper in Disney Villains Countdown | Pixar - Other Animated Films

22) Shang, Mulan (1998)
Speaking Voice: B.D. Wong
Singing Voice: Donny Osmond
Animator: Ruben Aquino
As you can tell from the graphic above, Shang achieves that mold of physically fit specimen. In fact, he's the only one in the Chinese army who is in shape, a reality he must address in his guidance. While ultimately, the film and triumph belong to the title character (his fellow soldier and potential love interest), Shang illustrates how his good qualities extend beyond athletic prowess in his ability to respect and spare Mulan.
Mulan Links: 2-Disc Special Edition DVD | DVD Review | Mulan II DVD Review | Shan-Yu in Villains Countdown | "I'll Make a Man Out of You" in Songs Countdown | Animated Classics

21) John Smith, Pocahontas (1995)
Voice: Mel Gibson
Animator: John Pomeroy
Despite being admired by the men of the Virginia Company, Captain John Smith feels like he's never really fit in anywhere. His quest for the new and different leads him to Pocahontas, the adventurous chief's daughter and a poignant (albeit fictional) romance ensues. Misunderstandings abound, Smith is prone to prejudice like his fellow Englishmen and the natives who too are suspicious. Nonetheless, he is quicker to see the good in the so-called "savages", absorbing the lessons Pocahontas shares with him while teaching her about the land from which he hails. The good-looking guy who woos the beautiful lady might be one to envy, but Smith comes across as caring, compelling, and willing to discover the many things he's yet to learn.
• "He was able to bring peace on the newfound land. He was ignorant at first, but throughout the movie, his whole opinion and view of life changed. His love for Pocahontas was so strong and witnessed by others, even Percy and Meeko found peace with each other! Had it not been for this hero (and Pocahontas) and his role in the Disney movie, the word "savage" would still be uttered." - RJKD23
Pocahontas Links: 2-Disc 10th Anniversary Edition DVD | DVD Review | Ratcliffe in Villains Countdown | "If I Never Knew You" in Songs Countdown | Animated Classics

20) Eric, The Little Mermaid (1989)
Voice: Christopher Daniel Barnes
We don't really get to know too much about Eric, the handsome prince who Ariel dreams of meeting, but we can tell he's got a good heart. Perhaps the character is a bit of a callback to the hardly-defined princes of early Disney animated films, but somehow it's clear that Eric is an alright chap who would be a nice beau for Ariel if she had legs. When circumstances call for Eric to be brave, he responds by facing off with Ursula.
The Little Mermaid Links: Limited Issue DVD (out of print / Platinum - October 2006) | DVD Review | The Little Mermaid in Animated Classics Countdown | Different Types of Disney DVD Releases | "Kiss the Girl" in Songs Countdown | Ursula in Villains Countdown

19) Sulley, Monsters, Inc. (2001)
Voice: John Goodman
Sulley is the quintessential hero. He's a faithful, record-setting employee at Monsters, Inc. and well-liked by all of his co-workers, especially his best friend Mike. This principled and esteemed furry blue monster soon becomes a father figure for Boo, the little human girl who wanders on to the other side of her bedroom closet. Though he scares kids for a living, off-duty Sulley is eminently warm to Boo and everyone else. In one of several hefty cartoon character voiceovers he did in a short period, John Goodman gets this performance especially right. He aptly conveys Sulley's ability to be both frighteningly forceful and like a big teddy bear who is worthy of Boo's endearing nickname "Kitty."
Monsters, Inc. Links: 2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD | Randall in Villains Countdown | Pixar / Other Animation | Pixar DVDs

18) Jim Hawkins, Treasure Planet (2002)
Voice: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Animator: John Ripa
• "In a country where divorce and parents walking out on a family is common, Jim is undeniably a dynamic character for me. He leaves on the quest for Treasure Planet to find the treasure to make his mother proud (and rebuild her destroyed inn). On the way, he has to deal with John Silver, who takes on a sort of father figure that was never present in his life. When he discovers Silver is just using him as a way to get to the treasure, Jim's feeling of betrayal is seen and understood. No doubt, there are many similar people out there in the real world, so Jim being able to defeat his tragic past and be a success to himself calls out to those who've done the same." - Disney's Divinity
• "As the main star of 2002's Treasure Planet, Jim Hawkins travels the galaxy in search of a foretold treasure and befriends a conniving cyborg. He is a troublemaker at first, causing the destruction of his hardworking mother's inn. When he is given the map from Billy Bones, he quickly works out how to use it and with the help from his trusted friend, Dr. Doppler, he is off to retrieve the bounty on the ship R.L.S Legacy. When he finds out that his friend from the kitchen, John Silver, is actually a pirate planning mutiny, he stands up to him and the other pirates, outsmarting them and then saving the day for his friends. Jim proves he is worthy of being the definite hero of the film, with courageous action from quick thinking, and resulting in the saving of his friends and the ship from destruction." - James Taylor
Treasure Planet Links: DVD Review | DVD | Treasure Island DVD Review | "I'm Still Here" in Songs Countdown

17) Marlin, Finding Nemo (2003)
Voice: Albert Brooks
There's something sweet and sincere about Marlin, a clownfish who is not particularly funny. Being overprotective and a bit worrisome leads Nemo to vanish having just uttered the three words that must wrench a parent's heart ("I hate you"). But having already lost all of his other offspring, Marlin does not intend to lose Nemo. His improbable rescue journey provides the heart that's among the bountiful humor of Finding Nemo. This persistent protagonist is certainly a character you hope achieves the titular task.
• "Though the title of Pixar's masterpiece states that Nemo is the star, it neglects to mention that his anxious father, Marlin, is the clear hero. At the start of the film, a tragedy strikes, breaking Marlin down into a nervous wreck. Later in the film, divers take his small son, Nemo, and Marlin is understandably worried and scared. He becomes friends with Dory, who gives him the courage to swim through the farthest reaches of the deep blue to rescue him. Throughout the film Marlin shows that he is quite capable of saving his son on his own, and he obviously does in the heart-warming finale. He shines as the film's hero, showing that he will do anything to save his offspring." - James Taylor
Finding Nemo Links: DVD Review | 2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD | The Pixar Films

16) Stitch, Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Voice: Chris Sanders
Animator: Alex Kupershmidt
Experiment 626 is not, as Lilo first suspects, a dog. He is an alien on Earth, whose mischief makes E.T.'s beer-drinking seem gentle. The connection between girl and extraterrestrial is not unlike a lonely boy and a faithful dog, a relationship seen in many a family film (and many a Disney film). But Stitch speaks, sort of, and he seems to have a number of powers in his arsenal. Still, he proves to be one thing that Lilo can count on.
• "He might be a troublemaker, but he's a cute one. An experiment who escaped, Stitch ending up in Lilo's life was just the thing they both needed. He even saved her and helped her realize that a family can come in all shapes and sizes." - LizzieMcGuire
Lilo & Stitch Links: DVD Review | DVD | Upcoming 2-Disc Special Edition Information
"Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride" in Songs Countdown | Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

15) Tramp, Lady and the Tramp (1955)
Voice: Larry Roberts
"Tramp is a streetwise rounder who knows how to give Lady (and the other females dogs in the area) a good time. Although his reputation leaves much to be desired, Tramp follows through when help is needed and makes his way into the Jim Dear/Darling household." - pinkrenata
Lady and the Tramp Links: Limited Issue DVD (out of print; Platinum Edition: March 2006) | DVD Review | "He's a Tramp" in Songs Countdown | Animated Classics

14) Bambi, Bambi (1942)
Voices: Bobby Stewart, Donnie Dunagan, Hardie Albright, John Sutherland
Animators: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston
Disney's fifth animated film is all about the growth of one deer, so it's not surprising that viewers are left with such a strong impression of the title character Bambi. His development from innocent fawn is rapidly advanced when he loses his mother in the film's unforgettably heartbreaking central sequence. In spite of not having his mother long enough and having a mostly absent and reticent "Great Prince" for a father, Bambi turns out just fine. In fact, as an adult, he exhibits all the selflessness and bravery for his mate Faline that Mother showed for him. While his dearly departed teacher may be sorely missing from the Heroines list, Bambi rightly takes his place among the most potent protagonists of Disney cinema.
Bambi Links: Interview with Don Dunagan, voice of Bambi | Platinum Edition DVD Review | Buy the DVD | Bambi in Animated Classics Countdown | Man, the Villain of Bambi | Classics

13) Robin Hood, Robin Hood (1973)
Voice: Brian Bedford
Animator: Ollie Johnston
• "Many Disney heroes and heroines have been borrowed from classic literature. We've seen Aladdin, the interchangable Prince Charming, and Peter Pan be brought to life by animators and actors in a number of interesting ways, but Disney's Robin Hood is my pick for the most interesting of Disney's literary character to film adaptations. Unlike Quasimodo, Tarzan and King Arthur, who all stayed human like in the texts they originated from, Robin Hood becomes a fox. Although some hate the animal casting in Robin Hood, I personally like how they changed Robin into a fox, as it reflects the sly, brave and smooth personality of Sherwood's hero." - Joe (Wonderlicious)
• "Robbed from the rich to help the poor; most definitely courageous!" - RJKD23
Robin Hood Links: DVD Review | Gold Collection DVD | Prince John in Villains Countdown | "Love" in Songs Countdown

12) Woody, Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 2 (1999)
Voice: Tom Hanks
"Woody is the 'everyman' of the Disney films. We have all had experiences that have metaphorically thrown us off of the bed, so we can all relate to his struggle to adapt to Buzz Lightyear's entrance into his life. Woody has his ups and downs, but he has a very good heart at his core. His entire life is devoted to making Andy happy and keeping the other toys safe. In his free time, he enjoys playing games with his friends. Woody is a great character because he comes to realize what is important in life and lives accordingly. My gratitude goes to Tom Hanks and the Pixar team for creating such a delightful character." - Brandon H
Toy Story Links: 10th Anniversary Edition DVD Press Release | Preorder the 10th Anniversary Edition DVD | Toy Story & Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box DVD Review | Sid in Villains Countdown | "You've Got a Friend in Me" in Songs Countdown | The Pixar DVDs

11) Peter Pan, Peter Pan (1953)
Voice: Bobby Driscoll
Animator: Les Clark
• "Peter Pan (both in J.M. Barrie's original story and the Disney version) features a number of endearing personalities. There's the eccentric dog Nana, the bitchy fairy Tinker Bell, and the wicked yet equally wussy Captain Hook. The main character, Peter Pan himself, is probably the most endearing of all. The whole premise of a boy never growing up leads to a somewhat complex character (being simultaneously good and bad), and Disney's Peter fulfills this as he is both a hero being there for his friends yet also immature thanks to being stuck in boyhood for all time. Top this off with great animation, and you've got Peter Pan, a truly great Disney hero." - Joe (Wonderlicious)
• "I don't know how the female audience responds to the boy who would never grow up, but I've found that there seems to be a kindred spirit shared between all boys, men, what have you, and Peter Pan. If a hero is one who we admire, then I can think of few characters to fit the bill so perfectly. Similarly, if a hero has infinite bravery on tap, using to defend the helpless against the formidable bad guy, then again, Peter Pan instantly comes to mind. Many Disney characters capture the essence of childhood but few do so more effectively, especially in the way of boyhood, than the adventuresome boy from Neverland, Peter Pan." - Aaron Wallace
Peter Pan Links: DVD Review | Special Edition DVD (out of print) | Finding Neverland DVD Review | "You Can Fly!" in Disney Songs Countdown | Captain Hook, Villains Countdown

10) Mickey Mouse, Fantasia (1940), Fun and Fancy Free (1946), The Three Musketeers (2004) and much more
Voices: Walt Disney, James MacDonald, Wayne Allwine
Mickey may be more well-known as a cultural icon than a film star, but the likable mouse has been "the good guy" of many a Disney cartoon in his nearly eighty years of existence. Even displaying the wild antics he does in Steamboat Willie or Plane Crazy, Mickey has always been a protagonist for audiences to identify with and cheer for. This persona (since, toned down) has carried over well into such triumphs as The Sorcer's Apprentice (Fantasia's most memorable segment), featurette-length shorts including Mickey and the Beanstalk and Mickey's Christmas Carol, TV series, and finally his first single-narrative feature, last year's direct-to-video outing Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers. Primarily a comedic lead but put to fine use in dramatic situations too, Mickey has endured with endless appeal. His universality makes him the perfect figure to associate with "Disney" at large, and his heroic qualities are an unforgettable part of his lasting legacy.
• "Meek and mild, what makes this mouse great? For nearly eighty years, he's lent a familiar face of childhood identity and assurance to youngsters and adults around the world. He's playful, sometimes mischevious but always well-meaning. He exhibits the virtues of goodness, kindness, and friendship. As the face of these notions and the good feeling and legacy of Disney as a whole, he is indelibly ingrained in the hearts and consciousness of Americans and even people all around the world. For these reasons, he is a true hero to every Disney fan, and even more, to every child (be they young or old)." - Aaron Wallace
• "From Fun and Fancy Free to Fantasia to The Three Musketeers, ...he's always been the hero." - RJKD23
Mickey Mouse Links (Reviews and More): Mickey Mouse in Living Color, Vol. 2 | Mickey Mouse in Black & White, Vol. 2 | Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers | Fun and Fancy Free | The Fantasia Anthology | Classic Cartoon Favorites: Starring Mickey | Mickey and the Beanstalk | Mickey's Around the World in 80 Days | The Mickey Mouse Club: Week One | Pete in Villains Countdown | Fantasia in Animated Classics Countdown
Upcoming Mickey DVDs: Vintage Mickey | Best of The Mickey Mouse Club

9) Prince Phillip, Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Voice: Bill Shirley
• "True love conquers all." Maleficent may have been mocking Prince Phillip when she spoke these words, but with the help of three fairies heroic in their own right, "our hero," as he is called, arises to prove those words true. In one of the most aesthetically stunning and adventuresome scenes in Disney history, the prince slays the witch dragon and with a kiss awakens the true love he walked with "once upon a dream." - Aaron Wallace
• "Prince Phillip fits the iconic image of a hero to the letter. He is the guy who rushes to his lady's rescue with sword and shield, heedless of the danger to himself. Furthermore, he has wit, grace, and a nice singing voice. He comes across as a believable person and someone who would be fun to spend some time with." - BrandonH
• "Without him, Sleeping Beauty would still be...sleeping." - RJKD23
Sleeping Beauty Links: DVD Review | 2-Disc Special Edition (out of print) | Sleeping Beauty in Animated Classics Countdown | "Once Upon a Dream" in Songs Countdown | Maleficent in Villains Countdown | Animated Classics Home

8) Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 2 (1999)
Voice: Tim Allen
• "I remember over here in England when Toy Story was first released that there was a crisis at Christmas. Everybody wanted a Buzz Lightyear doll despite there being low numbers made. On watching Toy Story again recently, I have come to the conclusion of why these dolls were so rare; Buzz rocks! He's agile, slick and has a little light that blinks. But most importantly, he can fly! Or in the eyes of some toys, he can fall...with style!" - Joe (Wonderlicious)
• "Tooo infinity...and beyond!" The scene in Sid's room describes Buzz's true hero side and Toy Story 2 proved it further when he lead the toys to save Woody. - RJKD23
• "Timon/Pumba fan" on Buzz Lightear: "To Infinity and Beyond!" Buzz Lightear may be just a toy, but he is one of the most coolest heroes of all time! That's why ever since the movie came out I've wanted a Buzz Lightear!
Toy Story Links: 10th Anniversary Edition DVD Press Release | Preorder the 10th Anniversary Edition DVD | Toy Story & Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box DVD Review | "Strange Things" in Disney Songs Countdown | Sid in Villains Countdown | The Pixar DVDs

7) Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
Voice: Tom Hulce
Animator: James Baxter
"Quasimodo's is a sad and tear-worthy story. While not my favorite of Disney's various movies, The Hunchback of Notre Dame presented one of the first male protagonists that you could feel for. He was lied to all his life by a, let's say, very BAD Christian: Judge Claude Frollo. Through all his misery, and the misery he would most likely endure onwards in life, Quasimodo stood up to save a woman selflessly. Although he loved her, he didn't throw a temper tantrum when he found out she loved another. That, to me, is what true love is, even if not returned. And only a worthy hero could ever provide such a love." - Disney's Divinity
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Links: DVD Review | DVD | "Out There" in Songs Countdown | Hunchback in Animated Classics Countdown | Judge Frollo in Villains Countdown | Animated Classics Page

6) Tarzan, Tarzan (1999)
Voices: Alex D. Linz (Young), Tony Goldwyn (Adult)
Animators: John Ripa (Young), Glen Keane (Adult)
"Tarzan is every girl's secret dream guy. He's strong, good looking, sensitive, and he can swing through the trees to rescue you." - snowhite8
Tarzan Links: DVD Review | 2-Disc Collector's Edition DVD (out of print) | Tarzan in Animated Classics Countdown | "You'll Be In My Heart" in Songs Countdown | Clayton in Villains Countdown | Animated Classics

5) Mr. Incredible, The Incredibles (2004)
Voice: Craig T. Nelson
• "Incredible strength that saved the world and his family." - RJKD23
• "Timon/Pumba fan" on Mr. Incredible(a.k.a Bob Par): Mr. Incredible is my favorite hero. I think the main reason I like him so much is because I can relate to him. He reminds me of my Dad. Not only is his character interesting but his super powers make him as cool as possible! GO MR. INCREDIBLE!
The Incredibles Links: DVD Review | 2-Disc Collector's Edition | The Incredibles Store | Pixar - Other Animation | The Pixar Films on Disney DVD | Special Editions

4) Hercules, Hercules (1997)
Voices: Tate Donovan (Adult), Joshua Keaton (Young), Roger Bart (singing)
Animators: Andreas Deja (Adult), Randy Haycock (Young)
• "In my view, Hercules exeplifies what a true hero is made of. At first his passion is fame, fortune, and success which makes up the attributes of many heros of today (sports players, movie stars). He discovers the true deffinition when saving Meg where he proves that he values the lives of others even if it means the chance of losing his own. His growth as a person comes to a conclusion when he realizes that an immortal life of bliss and leisure can not compare what he has on earth. Hercules helped define a true hero in an age where the title of hero is filled with imposters. In my eyes they are still living on earth climbing the stairs of the World Trade Center towers to save that one last person." - Stephen
• "Hercules is not only very cute, but is a true hero, as the movie suggests. He isn't a hero by talent, he's a hero by training. Whenever I think of this movie, I always remember that boy who truly risked his life for the one he loved: Megara. Because of his strive for acceptance, he's one of the few Disney boys/men I can admire." - Disney's Divinity
• "'From zero to hero'; Herc proved that he was strong without the god powers and even saved the soul of his true love Meg *sigh*." - RJKD23
Hercules Links: DVD Review | Gold Collection DVD | "Go the Distance" in Songs Countdown | Hades in Villains Countdown

3) Beast, Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Voice: Robby Benson
Animator: Glen Keane
"Once upon a time in an enchanted forest, there was a beautiful castle where a reclusive beast lived. He was once a prince but had been transformed into a monster for his mean ways. If he could learn to love and be loved by a beautiful girl, then the spell would be broken...but who could learn to love a beast? Well, many obviously could as the Beast of Disney's Beauty and the Beast is now one of Disney's most beloved characters. And it's not hard to see why. Beautifully animated by Glen Keane and given a voice by the wonderful Robby Benson, both helped to develop his fully dimensional personality, making him sympathetic, dramatic and interesting. The Beast seldom feels like a cartoon character; he seems as if he is real." - Joe (Wonderlicious)
Beauty and the Beast Links: Diamond Edition Blu-ray + DVD Review | Platinum Edition DVD | DIScussions: Beauty and the Beast | Beauty and the Beast in Animated Classics Countdown | "Something There" in Songs Countdown | Gaston in Villains Countdown | Animated Classics

2) Simba, The Lion King (1994)
Young Simba's Voice: Jonathan Taylor Thomas (speaking), Jason Weaver (singing)
Adult Simba's Voice: Matthew Broderick (speaking), Joseph Williams (singing)
Animator: Mark Henn (Young), Ruben Aquino (Adult)
• "In the course of The Lion King, Simba grows from prince to king and the audience is there with him the entire way. Early on, he claims bravery as his hallmark and soon thereafter, it's tested in a way that stuck with him and with the audience forever. In the face of evil, oppression, a maniacal and treacherous uncle, and even death, by the film's end, Simba proves he is every bit as courageous as he believed himself to be as a child." - Aaron Wallace
• "In practically every movie of The Lion King's trilogy, he's saved someone." - RJKD23
• "Timon/Pumba fan" on Simba: "The King has Returned." Simba is one of the bravest characters in Disney History or cinema history! Though at first he's scared, he later learns his lesson and risks his life in order to take his place in the Circle of Life. TWO THUMBS UP FOR SIMBA!
The Lion King Links: DVD Review | The Lion King in Animated Classics Countdown | "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" in Songs Countdown | The Lion King II: Simba's Pride | Scar in Villains Countdown | The Lion King 1½ | The Lion King Merchandise and DVDs Around the World

1) Aladdin, Aladdin (1992)
Speaking Voice: Scott Weinger
Singing Voice: Brad Kane
Animator: Glen Keane
• "There's some quality to Aladdin's character that causes everyone, or at least the male portion of the population, to identify with him. From his rise from the slums of life to his quest to get the girl to his efforts to defend her and figure himself out on the way, Aladdin is a strong protagonist and proves himself heroic in the face of everyone's least favorite vizier, Jafar." - Aaron Wallace
• "There are six princes to match Disney's six fairy tale princesses: three are interchangeable, two need saving by their women, and then there's Aladdin, the only prince that can be called a hero in every respect. He's not the strongest guy in the Disney cannon, but he has the heart to triumph over them all. Aladdin makes it very clear early on that it's not about the bling, but what's on the inside that counts. Of course, in a true reflection of modern-day America, he gets caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle, forgetting his simple playful antics that wooed Jasmine in the first place. Aladdin learns his lesson, and all turns out well for this future monarch." - Prince Eric
• "My pick for the greatest Disney hero is Aladdin. This was a hard category, but I picked Aladdin because he was the hero who overcame the most. He started out the movie as a 'street rat' and we saw as he rose up and fulfilled his true potential as a hero thanks to his wits(and a little help from the Genie). That, and he's the only hero to trick the villain into defeating himself!" - Raydawggie
• "Aladdin found a genie, became a Prince, found his true love, defeated the enemy Jafar. Fast-forward through the sequels, and he demolished Jafar and the 40 thieves, became an actual Prince by marrying Jasmine." - RJKD23
Aladdin Links: DVD Review | Platinum Edition DVD | Aladdin II & III Collection | Disney's Platinum Editions | Aladdin in Animated Classics Countdown | "One Jump Ahead" in Songs Countdown | Jafar in Villains Countdown | Animated Classics Home

Several iconic protagonists missed the cut, particularly from the olden days. Among those absent from the Top 25 Heroes list are Old Yeller, Herbie the Love Bug, Pinocchio, Davy Crockett, Dexter Riley, and Dumbo. The ever-present Winnie the Pooh finished in 26th, just one spot shy of the cut-off.

Just Missed the Cut: Winnie the Pooh, Pinocchio, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Baloo, Mufasa, Bernard, Basil of Baker Street, Goofy, Dumbo, Dash.

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