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19. Remember the Titans (2000)
Remember The Titans captures the feel of high school football as I remember it growing up in a town where Friday nights in the fall revolved around the sport. Denzel Washington is perfect as the coach who must rise above the town's racism with class, dignity, and wins. This movie delivers a strong moral message without beating you over the head to do it. It's a football version of Hoosiers in that it really captures the passion and excitement of high school sports. This movie was a real surprise to me because I did not know much about it and had minimal expectations. The other nice thing about is that it's 'clean' enough that I feel comfortable enough to view it with my kids. That's an important consideration these days because there aren't too many intelligent, live-action dramas suitable for children.

-Jim Miller

There are only two movies that I have ever seen in my 29 years that while in the theatre viewing the movie, an entire audience crammed into every seat available actually clapped and cheered as if they were a part of the movie itself. Remember the Titans was one of those two movies. The characters draw the audience into the movie so completely that you cannot help but care immensely for them and cheer for their accomplishments. I challenge anyone be in a bad mood after watching that movie. The tale is about reaching the height of human achievement, sprinkled with a perfect amount of Disney magic. Remember the Titans should and will take its place among Disney's greats!

-Grant Smith

This was a great football movie how Americans and African Americans schools plays football and the coaches career is on the line with 13 straight wins. I only watch it once so I don't remember everything but it was a very funny and touching film. A must watch for a football fan.

-Alex Pantoja

Thirty years ago
Some folks down South were racist
Football promotes peace

DVD Details
Released in separate widescreen and fullscreen editions, Remember The Titans packs quite the punch on DVD. Of course, widescreen is the only way to see this 2.35:1 film, and the anamorphic widescreen DVD presents the film in lively 5.1 tracks of the Dolby Digital and DTS varieties. The DVD also shines in extra content, with two audio commentaries: one by real-life coaches Herman Boone and Bill Yoast, and one by the filmmakers. Rounding out the disc are three 20-minute featurettes, six deleted scenes which have been remastered, and the film's theatrical trailer. There's a good reason that everyone seems to own this disc. (For those that don't or who will buy it again, Disney will re-release a slightly extended cut of the film on March 14, 2006, with the obligatory cardboard slipcover.)
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