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7. Peter Pan (1953)

"Based on one of the finest children's stories ever, Disney's Peter Pan almost manages to surpass the original in imagination and magic, while retaining the stage play's Victorian splendor. Everything, from the pacing of the plot to the supporting characters (Mr Smee! Nanna!) is close to perfect."

"Growing up is an aspect of life we try to ignore when watching Disney animation, and what better way to avoid it than by viewing Peter Pan. The unforgettable "You Can Fly" sequence alone makes the film, but the rest is quite delightful and enchanting with a dose of everything you need in a classic Disney film, and a double dose of pixie dust to boot."

"Peter Pan is a joyous, innocent movie. As with most of the other Disney animated classics, there are too many strongpoints for me to mention them all, but I suppose what really makes the film so fun is that when you watch it, you can’t help but feel a bit jealous of Wendy, John, and Michael – that is, you wish that the adventure is happening to you instead of to them. The film has so many innocent, wonderful, childlike moments and while watching it allows you to let go of the world and be, or feel, like Peter, innocent and forever young for just a little while. A truly magical movie in every respect."


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