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3. Aladdin (1992)

"Aladdin tries to be what he is not to make Jasmine love him, but, ironically, what Aladdin is is what Jasmine loves about him. Aladdin (the movie) has just the right mixture of fantasy and timeless love story elements. And what would a love story be without a giant blue genie and a kleptomaniac monkey? "

"What makes Aladdin my favorite movie of all time? It is one of the movies that I am powerless to describe, but my best guess is the reason I love it so much is because of how much fun it is – pure, comedic, joyous fun. The music, the story, the characters, the animation…all of the elements of the movie came together seamlessly, and driven by an astounding voice cast, Aladdin became the most addictive, zestful movie ever to come out of the Mouse House. I salute all involved, and can’t wait for the DVD."

"I remember I was 12 when Aladdin was released, and I remember anxiously awaiting it. I saw this movie three times at the theater, and it was worth every trip. I loved the animation, the humor, the music, the characters. They couldn't have gotten anyone better to voice the Genie than Robin Williams. One of my favorite scenes is the "Friend Like Me" scene. I remember sitting in the theater with my cousin and just being amazed at everything going on in that scene. We would later go on that day to quote just about every scene from that movie. I STILL go around quoting lines from this movie! With Aladdin, Disney reminded me what I love them for: the ability to make me forget whatever troubles I may have and to immerse me in a world of magic where I can become a kid all over again."

"The Genie is undoubtedly the major attraction of Aladdin, but this feature has lots more to offer. Its animation is top notch, making the bleak Middle East look alive and colorful and its score by Alan Menken is yet another winning entry into the Disney canon. All of Aladdin's qualities represent the best of Disney -- the Genie's just the icing on an already delicious cake."

"Not often does a movie come along that touches your life in a special way, but when it does it stays with you. Aladdin came along in my sixth year of life and swept me away on a magic carpet ride, and introduced me to the dazzling world of Disney. Its predecessors, Mermaid and Beast, had certainly perked my interest but Aladdin, with its lovable characters, great music and wonderful animation, completely dazzled me. Watching it as a kid, I was Aladdin, the diamond in the rough everyone else saw as a nobody, and people were even calling me Al back then. One of the most interesting aspects of the story, is that it is about a common boy falling for and winning the heart of a princess, when all too often it is the other way around. Everything about this movie is just so great, I can't imagine a person not liking it!"

"Aladdin is arguably the best Disney movie ever. Robin Williams does a superb job as the voice of Genie. The movie has great animation and music."

"I love to watch Aladdin because the songs 'A Whole New World' and 'Friend Like Me' are both wonderful songs. Also the action in the film with great romantics. Who can forget the Blue Genie who is very funny. The computer graphics also were much better."

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