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2. The Little Mermaid (1989)

"As the start of the 'Disney Renaissance', The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. It was the first Disney movie I saw in a theater, and I've loved it ever since. Ariel is definitely the most appealing of Disney's characters to me, since she is a kind mermaid and she has a fetish with things from the human world above her. She's also very romantic and devoted to winning the heart of Prince Eric. Her friends Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle have very humorous personalities, and Ursula the sea witch is arguably the creepiest Disney villan ever. The Little Mermaid is a magical experience to enjoy the wonderful world under the sea, and is a classic love story to watch over and over."

"While Snow White was the one that 'started it all', The Little Mermaid was the the one that started it all again. Times may have been dark for feature animation, but The Little Mermaid proved all the naysayers wrong. I remember this fondly as the first time in a while that I was really excited by a 'cartoon' , and to this day it is a pleasure to watch over and over. It is hard to say whether it is the songs, the animation or the sheer enthusiasm of all involved that made it work for me, but I know that it is always a film I can return to no matter what the mood (and I have many moods!). In other words, a film that has certainly earned the right to the word 'classic'."

"The magic of a new era started under the sea. With unforgettable characters and music, The Little Mermaid gives the audience a chance to dream and enjoy a simple story about true love overcoming any obstacle, even the deepest blue ocean."

"The Little Mermaid is Disney animation at its finest, and Jodi Benson is a wonderful singer. But this film really takes off for the skies with Sissel Kyrkjebo standing in for Jodi in the Scandinavian versions. Sissel is a remarkably talented young Norwegian actress who recorded Ariel's voice in no less than three different languages: Norwegian, Swedish and Danish."

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