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14. 101 Dalmatians (1961)

"Cruella de Vil . . . Cruella de Vil . . . If she doesn't delight you, no evil thing will. Cruella de Vil encapsulates the charm and genius behind 101 Dalmatians because she's both deviant and fun. Like many of the best of Disney animated features, 101 Dalmatians has its share of rich and fun characters, an endearing plot, and beautiful animation with a balance between darkness and laughter. Furthermore, you gotta love those angles and bold lines, saturating blues and reds, and the great personality animation."

"Forget about Pixar! If you really want to see the animated storytelling at its best, you need to see Disney's 101 Dalmatians. The film takes what could be considered its greatest flaw and turns it into its greatest strength. While most of Disney's films rely on larger than life threats and storylines, 101 Dalmatians is content to tell a rather 'small' story about a bunch of kidnapped puppies, two determined parents and an insane obsessive woman. But it's this 'smallness' that makes the canvas bigger. Every character in the film is there for a reason, and every character's motivations are clearly presented and shown. Unlike other films, it's the characters that shape the story. Every major event in the story is the result of character interaction - there's no magical 'Deux Ex Machina' ending here."

"101 Dalmatians, 202 eyes, 404 legs and exactly 6,469,952 spots, is no mean feat! With the best animators behind a great story, a unique stylized look and the Disney touch, 101 Dalmatians ‘xeroxed’ itself into my memory. Throw in ‘a couple’ of adorable puppies, a laidback jazzy atmosphere, clever intertextuality and that villain, 101 Dalmatians is still and always will be great fun to watch. And where else could you find a more original name than Cruella DeVil?"

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