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The Complete List of Disney's Animated Classics and their DVD Availability

Beginning November 1, 75 forum members made lists of their ten-to-twenty favorite Disney animated classics. Using a Borda scoring system, which assigned a proportionate number of points to the rankings, the list of the Top 20 animated classics was determined.

Here are the results:

20) The Emperor's New Groove (313 points) (posted 11/25/03)
19) Tarzan (363 points) (posted 11/25/03)
18) Dumbo (374 points) (posted 11/26/03)
17) Bambi (390 points) (posted 11/26/03)
16) Fantasia (395 points) (posted 11/27/03)
15) Lilo & Stitch (400 points) (posted 11/28/03)
14) 101 Dalmatians (402 points) (posted 12/1/03)
13) The Jungle Book (423 points) (posted 12/2/03)
12) Alice in Wonderland (430 points) (posted 12/3/03)
11) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (441 points) (posted 12/4/03)
10) Pinocchio (456 points) (posted 12/5/03)
9) Lady and the Tramp (493 points) (posted 12/8/03)
8) Cinderella (520 points) (posted 12/9/03)
7) Peter Pan (551 points) (posted 12/10/03)
6) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (681 points) (posted 12/11/03)
5) Sleeping Beauty (683 points) (posted 12/12/03)
4) The Lion King (859 points) (posted 12/15/03)
3) Aladdin (904 points) (posted 12/16/03)
2) The Little Mermaid (925 points) (posted 12/17/03)
1) Beauty and the Beast (1068 points) (posted 12/18/03)

Comments by: (#20) Monica Smith, J. Dan Patane, Today4U, David Garcia, (#19) James Reader, RoyalNatalie, Kelvin Cedeno, (#18) George Heidkamp, Steven132, disneylaser, Matty-Mouse, (#17) Brandon Medley (Brer Brandon), Jim Hudson, Talon Greenbaum, michelle, Paka, (#16) Joshua Parks, 4407mark, Richard Gray, Jack, (#15) Richard Gray, michelle, Kelvin Cedeno, RoyalNatalie, James Reader, Matheus C., Squirrel, Jake Lipson, (#14) Jim Miles, James Reader, michelle, (#13) Joshua Parks, Monica Smith, "Mermaid" Kelly Hornick, (#12) Jim Miles, Anders M Olsson, Kelvin Cedeno, michelle, castleinthesky, (#11), James Reader, Jim Miles, Matty-Mouse, Kelvin Cedeno, Brandon Medley (Brer Brandon), Prince Phillip, Chernobog, (#10) Jack, Marianne81, Jake Lipson, Matheus C., Matty-Mouse, Chernobog, (#9) J. Dan Patane, Brandon Medley (Brer Brandon), Eric Irizarry (Tangela), (#8) "Mermaid" Kelly Hornick, Kelvin Cedeno, RoyalNatalie, (#7) Marten (banjoboy), Kelvin Cedeno, Jake Lipson, (#6) Jack Seiley, Reagan, Anders M Olsson, Marten (banjoboy), Eric Irizarry (Tangela), (#5) Jack Seiley, pinkrenata, PheR, Matty-Mouse, George Heidkamp, Matheus C., Ric-mx, Prince Phillip, (#4) Paka, J. Dan Patane, Brandon Medley(Brer Brandon), Monica Smith, michelle, Matty-Mouse, Alex Pantoja, (#3) Today4U, Jake Lipson, Joshua Parks, Kelvin Cedeno, Prince Phillip, castleinthesky, Alex Pantoja, (#2) "Mermaid" Kelly Hornick, Richard Gray, Ric-mx, Anders M Olsson, (#1) Jack Seiley, George Heidkamp, Matheus C. (Joe Carioca), Jim Hudson

Thanks to All Who Voted and Wrote Comments!

The Complete List of Disney's Animated Classics and their DVD Availability

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