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Season One publicity still for "Home Improvement", which will debut on DVD November 2004. Clockwise from center: Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Taran Noah Smith, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Zachery Ty Bryan are the Taylor family. Clockwise from left: Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Bea Arthur in a "Golden Girls" cast photo. Season One comes to DVD on November 30. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd star in "Moonlighting", coming to DVD in 2005. The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD / Disney TV Shows
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First Episodes of "Home Improvement" and "Golden Girls"; More "Boy Meets World"; "Moonlighting" to Come Later

First posted May 28, 2004 / Last Updated November 27, 2004

Last December, we broke the news on season sets of "Boy Meets World", "Popular", and "Felicity" coming to DVD in 2004. Now, we've just gotten news from our same most reliable studio source that Disney plans to release more television series on DVD this November.

"Home Improvement" was a hit with viewers from its first season, when it became the most-watched of all new series. This half-hour sitcom's debut season is scheduled to come to DVD on November 23. Originally aired between September 1991 and May 1992, these 24 episodes introduced audiences to the Taylor family, a middle-class, middle-American family.

Tim Taylor, the family's patriarch, has nominal fame as the host of "Tool Time," a local cable program where he can be seen working on home repair projects that frequently result in disaster. When he goes home, Tim is father to three boys: Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and Mark (Taran Noah Smith). At the center of the show is Tim's marriage to Jill (Patricia Richardson). Tim's efforts to understand and please Jill often lead to confusion. Helping him unravel life's riddles are his wise but mysterious neighbor Wilson (Earl Hindman) and Al Borland, his flannel-wearing "Tool Time" assistant.

Tim Allen is the star of the show, which is adapted from his stand-up comedy. "Home Improvement" became an unprecedented success for Touchstone Television and launched film careers for Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Viewers took to "Home Improvement" as the family sitcom for the 1990s, making it a ratings phenomenon and the top draw of the ABC network during its 8-season run.

Season One of "Home Improvement" contained a number of memorable episodes, as Tim takes on a troublesome chain letter, the neighborhood Christmas lighting contest, a snake, and a trivia challenge with Bob Vila. The Taylors' adventures continue with a night at the bowling alley, a state-of-the-art stereo system, and an unforgettable Valentine's Day camping trip.

The 3-disc set (SRP $49.99) will include audio commentaries from the show's creator and "Loose Screws", a collection of the show's most hilarious moments.

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Buy "Home Improvement" Season 1 on DVD

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Also making its DVD debut on November 23 is "The Golden Girls", a popular comedy about four older women living together in Miami. This half-hour sitcom connected with many viewers in its seven-season run. The First Season (1985-86) contained 24 episodes.

Dorothy (Bea Arthur) looks for love, and finds her mother Sophia (Estelle Getty) moving in with her. Sharing the house are the promiscuous Blanche (Rue McClanahan) and the principled Rose (Betty White). In the first season, the ladies get a wide array of visitors, including Blanche's sister, niece, and grandson, plus Dorothy's loathed ex-husband. The set will include some of the show's most memorable episodes such Sophia's heart attack, Rose's lifeless bedfellow, and the girls' full-on security response to a break-in.

The 3-disc "Golden Girls" Season One set will include a Fashion Commentary featurette, in which Joan and Melissa Rivers critique the "crazy, kitchsy" wardrobes featured on the show.

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The Complete Second Season of "Boy Meets World" is slated for release this same day, November 23. In the sitcom's sophomore year, Cory (Ben Savage) begins seventh grade amidst some new faces (bully Harley Keiner and his lackeys). Fortunately, Cory's got his friends Shawn (Rider Strong) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) to help him survive school. Though one familiar face is a surprise: his 6th grade teacher Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) has just become acting principal. Season 2 contained 23 episodes. The 3-disc Second Season set will also include audio commentaries with the cast and crew, and this time picture-in-picture video will enable viewers to see the commentators as they reflect on these episodes.

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Also arriving on November 23 is "Lizzie McGuire" Box Set Volume 1. Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) is an ordinary thirteen-year-old girl. With her best friends Miranda (Lalaine) and Gordo (Adam Lamberg), Lizzie tackles junior high, exploring new adventures and finding her niche. At home, younger brother Matt (Jake Thomas) often drives her crazy, and her parents often embarrass her. This 4-disc box set contains the first 22 episodes of this popular Disney Channel comedy series, along with audio commentaries, and 3 bonus featurettes featuring the cast.

Preorder Lizzie McGuire: Box Set Volume 1
Preorder "Lizzie McGuire" Box Set Volume 1 on DVD

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The popular hour-long series "Moonlighting" was also slated to come to DVD in a boxset this November, but since then it has been rescheduled for release in 2005. Left with a run-down detective agency and no other options, ex-model Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) becomes boss. The agency's only detective David Addison (Bruce Willis) is a polar opposite to her. But they might just be the perfect couple.

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